Clarissa and the Farm Hand EXTREME CONTENT hour 8

Clarissa, queen of the manor,
Hard-nosed boss and crueler wife,
Had a penchant for the farm hands,
Enforced stable dalliances.

Silas, strong and handsome, arrived,
Instantly employed for her quim.
Set to work on cattle herding,
She watched his sturdy body writhe.
Silas scorched her ardor alive,
Low dresses, accidental pour,
Leading ’til he could take no more.
Unbuckling his dirty pants,
Lifting her dress, passionate pants,
Clarissa, queen of the manor.

Trysts in the stables after dinner,
Coupling in surrounding woods,
Meeting as often as they could.
Tragedy hurt lady sinner,
The girl was pretty and thinner.
Maid of the manor, an indoor life,
Burdened his lady, evil strife.
Beaten, bruised and taken far,
Sold by evil men, his crushed star.
Hard-nosed boss and crueler wife.

To win back his older lover,
Silas used his wiles and guile,
His plan to sate her truly vile.
In the fresh straw lay his lover,
Eyes blindfolded and well smothered.
Ropes tightened on ankles and hands,
His tongue ran up her quim as planned,
Until she could suffer no more,
He took her with a mighty roar.
Had a penchant for the far, hands.

Rubbing her leg with the horse whip,
Slapping her thigh until she cried,
He knew her body well, her pride,
And cracked her hip with the horse whip.
Ropes tightened, raising the queen’s hip,
Whips cracked in the air, but not his.
Instant pain seared each limb, she hissed,
Arms and legs stretched, tore and severed,
Head-torso collapsed and slithered.
Enforced stable dalliances.

Butcher’s Meat EXTREME WARNING hour 7

Alone I have lived, culling guests,
Unwanted types in my domain.
Punishing through my cleaver’s pain,
Farmer of man, killing my guests.
Mercy shown to her with the breasts,
Unmoved by my stealth or marred face.
As I think she is bound in place,
Offering to stay, truth or lies?
Death in escape, if she dare tries,
Or suffer my need by my grace.

Butcher’s Table Bound EXTREME CONTENT hour 7

He told me to wait, butcher’s table bound,
I had little choice, bloodied limbs scattered.
Abattoir’s strong stench, biting my nostrils,
Clothes struggle shredded, guarded by a hound.
Quick thinking my gain, crafty words flattered,
The giant brute’s ego, having watched his kills.
Unexpected peace, strange new sensations,
Escaping escapes, as Stockholm shattered.
Prisoner I am, soothed with elation,
Pleasurably tied, subject to his thrills.

He Night-time Intruder EXTREME CONTENT hour 7

Twisted black spirals grew from his head,
Magnificent horns; part man, part beast.
Her night-time intruder licked her throat.

For the beast, she lay nubile in bed,
Taking his tongue as a nocturnal feast.
Twisted black spirals grew from his head.

Face pressed in pillow at the hands of the goat,
Deep inside her he drove, fingers clasping his horns.
Magnificent horns; part man, part beast.

His pace impressive and self-control unmatched,
Every night a secret marathon, flaming her need.
Her night-time intruder licked her throat.

Bank and Lasting EXTREME CONTENT hour 6

Blood club
Blood bank
Bank of victims
Bank of maidens
Maidens available
Maidens for beasts
Beasts immortal
Beasts’ desire
Desire or thirst
Desire to feed
Feed on the victims
Feed their need
Need and lust
Need endures
Endures forever
Endues darkness
Darkness hides
Darkness veils
Veils the victims
Veils their lust
Lust to be prey
Lust to food
Food for the gods
Food for the soul
Soul surrendered
Soul stolen
Stolen lives
Stolen innocence
Innocence lost
Innocence taken
Taken by the feeders
Taken by submission
Submission, penetration
Submission, fluids
Fluids exchanged
Fluids drank
Drank nightly
Drank offering
Offering life
Offering service
Service rendered
Service accepted
Accepted lifestyle
Accepted unaccepted
Unaccepted by society
Unaccepted by light
Light never lasting
Light forgotten
Forgotten cult

Emerald Isle Sea Shore

Emerald isle sea shore,
Nymphs regard the fishermen,
Tails attract all before,
Hypnotic, calling sermon.

Deliberately entrapped,
Hauled in stringy nets, small crews,
Psirens’ new legs, free unwrapped,
Embracing hungry fool’s fuse.

Making love with a passion,
Keeling overboard entwined,
Keeling deep with a passion,
Merging with coral, entwined.

Emerald isle sea shore,
Empty vessels, all implore,
Against the nymphs’ cruel sea wars,
Emerald isle sea shore.

The Blade EXTREME CONTENT hour 6 poem 2

Tied to the tree,
Hidden in the forest,
Edges of Japan.

Beaten with sticks for her master’s pleasure,
Lazy submissive or unwilling victim.
Adverse to his touches she turns away,
Deliberate strokes of the knife chafe her skin,
Etching languished marks beneath each breast.


The cutest girl you have ever seen;
Innocent and bewitching,
Long black hair and deep blue eyes.
Pretty smile and softly spoken,
But even roses have thorns.

When love hit her heart it woke the thistle.

She chose a man, rough in nature,
Rugged in looks.
Grubby mechanic,
With an attitude.

The cutest girl you have ever seen;
Naming her sweetheart, ‘Bunny.’
Long limbs cradling him in delicate arms,
Offering the heat of kindness,
Until he softened and the thorns sharpened.

Love bites evolved into bites,
Scratches tore his back,
Riled with passion.

Safety cuffs replaced with cuffs,
Rope replaced with chain,
She tied Bunny.

The cutest girl you have ever seen;
Growing in sensitivity and love.
Long nights worrying that she would lose her man,
Long days filled with ill-temper,
Amorous nights.

Bunny submitted eagerly to her games,
Bunny aroused her darkest thistle.
No other woman could have him.

Chained one night in a passionate embrace,
Marie’s cruel nails bit his cheek.
Knives for fingers.

The nails encircled his screams,
Buried deep in blood,
And peeled the skin from his face.

For no other woman could have him.

Anguis EXTREME CONTENT hour 5 poem 2

Coils slithered around curvy legs,
Squeezing, rising and pulsating.
Flicking tongue tantalizing,
Serpent’s sexy caress.
Tightening the waist,
Tasting nipples,
Eager licks,