Hi Everyone

It’s been a few years since I’ve completed Poetry Marathon. I’m from Australia so will be starting from 11pm our time Eastern Standard Time

Looking forward to interacting with everyone….my internet is a bit hit and miss for the first 12 hours as I’m a bit remote staying at a hut near the river!


Running a Marathon

Just enjoy it!

No good running if you hate it.


A marathon is a long way

To run for those of us who love to run


Let alone for someone who doesn’t

It’s even longer an eternity, a private hell


Do what you love and you will turn up each day

and do exactly that!


A Marathon is a three way race

Of Mindy, Body and Soul


At the point where the body fatigues and hits

The intangible wall it no longer becomes the battle of the body

it becomes the battle of the mind


And when you no longer fathom the task at hand

It is then that your soul

carries you home across the finish line.

On a winter’s afternoon- when the magic happened

One wishes deep down inside for the

Magic to happen

On the surface an air of detachment

Disbelief that such a thing can

Happen in the physical


From a soul level the outcry to

Find the magic and the oneness

With another soul is all too consuming


Head and heart in disconnection

The mind convincing the heart

That it’s acceptable to deny these

Feeling deep within our hearts

For when the magic happened


When the connection of two souls

Heart to heart took place

Lifted the roof and at alast

The synchronisation of heart and soul


So what happened to the fear? Where did it go? Never mind

Enjoy the moment

The aching coming from the heart space

The emergence of unconditional love

The over whelming emotion felt by

To two souls in the oneness in that moment

Freedom sort from many different avenues

All external


Yet freedom comes from within

At that very moment when you surrender yourself

To another soul

No doubts, no fears

trusting in the unconditional love

overflowing from within


A childlike abandonment at the headiness

Of the feeling consuming

Every part of your being

And it to think it all took place on a

Sunny Winter’s Afternoon

The battle of wills

How does one keep their identity

In such a union?

The struggle pf one person’s needs over another’s?

A battle of wills? The war of the poor me’s

Who will win?

No one I’m afraid


This is not what love is about?

Love is selfless

Your concerns are secondary,

Your motivation being about the greater good

The ability to make someone feel

Better about themselves

Just by time spent, listening, reassuring, bolstering

Their wavering self esteem

And the most important thing of all it is returned tenfold


Love is the act of giving and receiving

Without expectation

Instead it becomes a point scoring exercise

Who’s had the greatest trouble, loss and

sacrificed the most

All in the name of love!


This type of love

Which is not really love at all!

It is a state of mind

I truly do not need nor want

Forgiving yourself

To be repentant of one’s

Old ways

When does this really stop?


You forgive yourself and

Others time and time again

And still there is a lesson

To be learnt


When it rears its ugly head

Discipline, planning and calculations

Doesn’t set the scene to stop the old ways

They creep up on you

When you least expect it


There are some behaviours

You can say good bye to

Yet other ones the insidious ones

The more subtle ones can be hidden

Suddenly rushing to the surface


A wave hits you and then another

Then suddenly that hidden hell

You try to avoid is back alive and well


A mocking laugh

A loud ‘I told you so!’

Is ringing in my ears

How do I get this to stop?

I sit there feeling small and vulnerable

Curled up in a ball

I pray silently for it to stop


Then all of a sudden the waves stop crashing

And the voice stops ringing in my ears


I feel the sun licking on my cheeks

I taste the salt in my mouth

It’s not the residue of the waves

But the tears streaming down my cheeks


I look up to the sky and I feel a

Warm embrace

A gentle stroking of my hair and

A soft whisper

‘You’ll be fine little one,

Trust more and I will carry you through

Turbulent waters to safety

Trust and don’t forget your

Own power

Blessed be’


Duality of nature

Is not be fearful

Of the positive and negativity self

As it makes the whole person

That you are

Embrace your shadow self

For accepting both

The negative and the positive

It is then we are in the position to

Embark on profound change.


Confidence when the battle of fear

With one’s ego has been fought and won

Unity between head and heart brings


And from this

Confidence glows from within

to the outside world

Touching all that you encounter

On your path

Anzac Day Man

Anzac Day Man

Where did you go?

Was it an apparition from the



A lost love

A divine lesson learnt

Complete abandon

At the loss from my life

When you boarded that plane

To serve our country


A man of conviction, of purpose

A deep abiding love underneath that

Chiselled athletic persona

A darkness, pain, suffering

And heart break

Fear and confusion in intimacy

Better to get on that plane

Not fearing death

The fear lies within

The man in the mirror

Reflecting back at you


A love lost indeed

Or is it?

I think not!

A love deep within

From another time and place

Transitional and shifting in this lifetime

Alas short but sweet


An astute student am I? It’s taken over a

Decade to understand the connection

Was it real? Or just my imagination?

A gift from the divine

To assist me in my hour of need

Yet I do mourn you

Anzac Day Man


Even after all this time

Blessed be for my life

Has been touched in a way that

Will not come to pass in this

Life time again

Thank you Anzac Day Man


The Knockers Club

Oh yes! We all have a knockers club

Some knockers are real and others

Found in our minds called the

Voice of self-doubt


Life is a sequence of choices

Do we listen to their negativity and put downs?


Or do we rise above them?

Do we let fear take control?

Or do we take the first step?

A tiny little one at first

Then a wobbly first walk

Until it turns into

A running stride of confidence

Where no Knocker

Can catch you!

As you strive towards your chosen goal


Don’t be disheartened by the Knockers Club

For they do indeed

Serve their purpose


The voice of self-doubt

Both real and imagined

It’s the fuel, the steam

You use to reach your hearts desire


Thank you to my Knockers Club

If it wasn’t for you

I possibly wouldn’t achieved

What I have today


You bring a smile to my face

And a sense of achievement

Each time I have the opportunity and

The reason to prove you all wrong

Both real and imagined.

The answers to the questions

Cometh this day

Together with the divine


Fear not you will be led and directed to

The place of the answers to the questions

That you ask


Fear not, trust these answers will

Come at times when things fall from the sky as a sign

Look and listen from above and below


The answers are in everything that we see

And the actions of others


Your feelings from deep within your heart

The place of truth and knowing

Trust, trust, trust

Remember always that you are loved.

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