The battle of wills

How does one keep their identity

In such a union?

The struggle pf one person’s needs over another’s?

A battle of wills? The war of the poor me’s

Who will win?

No one I’m afraid


This is not what love is about?

Love is selfless

Your concerns are secondary,

Your motivation being about the greater good

The ability to make someone feel

Better about themselves

Just by time spent, listening, reassuring, bolstering

Their wavering self esteem

And the most important thing of all it is returned tenfold


Love is the act of giving and receiving

Without expectation

Instead it becomes a point scoring exercise

Who’s had the greatest trouble, loss and

sacrificed the most

All in the name of love!


This type of love

Which is not really love at all!

It is a state of mind

I truly do not need nor want

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