May we all be as they are


Setting out- the destination was planned

The route was decided

The stops were set

And the tank was full


Along the way there was a flat tire

A thunderstorm with rain so hard

That we had to pull over for awhile

Adjusting the plan was inevitable


We crossed over lines, counties and states

As we continued down the long stretches of road

The stops no longer lined up with the time table

And the course was rerouted once again


As we journeyed further we decided

That the present location was perfect

And maybe where we planned to go

Had never been the ideal destination


Eternal life is given through faith

The promise of heaven

A hope of being reunited with loved ones

And eternal fellowship with God


Meeting those who have gone before

People who walked this earth

Since the beginning of time

And also those who will come after us


Spending all of time as we know it

At the throne of the Savior

Singing praises to the most high

In gratitude and humility

Childhood Memories

Playing spies with my cousins

After dark at Grandma and Grandpa’s

Hiding behind houses and sheds

Trying to capture the other team


Lying in the grass on a cool summer night

Talking with a friend in the churchyard

Enjoying the simplicity of country living

Looking up at the stars


Fishing trips on summer evenings

As a family, sitting quietly

Swatting mosquitoes

And watching for my bobber to sink


Camping in the yard

In a makeshift tent of blankets

Snuggling down in the sleeping bag

When early morning coolness came


Sledding with my brothers

On trash bags and refrigerator doors

Celebrating a rare snow-day

Two inches of snow on our southern soil


Christmas, always the best

Anticipation and surprise brimming

Hot chocolate and cookies

Traditions and family


Rushing water

Blasting over the top

White foam edges

As it crashes below


Beauty and splendor

Rushes past the rock wall

Forcing it to be smooth

From the sheer strength


The noise so loud

Can be heard downstream

Drowning out the sounds

Of voices and movement


Standing beneath it

Is awe inspiring

Spray washes over you

Saturation in an instant

A Wish

A penny cast into a well

A dandelion blown into the wind

Starlight star bright

First star I see tonight


Wish for happiness

Wish for health

Wish for long life

And wish for love





And passion


 A smile to share

Eyes that are kind

A hand to hold

A heart to keep


A true and genuine love

Sisters/ Friends

We were 12 when we met

In the small classroom

In the little country church

And we became fast friends


You were at my house

Or I was at yours

Every chance that our parents

Would allow it


I became part of your family

And you became a part of mine

There were late night talks and giggles

And the crazy things that teenage girls do


There were face masks

And lemon to lighten our hair

Trying on clothes

And makeover sessions


Then you fell in love with my brother

And over time you married him

We went from friends who wished to be sisters

To being official sister in laws


You will always be one of my dearest friends

The closest to a sister by birth

You will always know my deepest secrets

And my most ambitious dreams


There are so many memories that we share

And many more to make

 I feel truly blessed

To call you sister


Life brings with it freedom

Freedom to be who we want

Go where we want

And discover anything that we choose


There are plans to be made

There are surprises to be had

There is another to love

And there are future generations


We must soak it all up

Immerse ourselves in it

Live it to the fullest

And take nothing for granted

Courage/ Strength

Training for my first 5k

Running for the first time

Building stamina

Fighting the fear


Growing through the process

Becoming more confident

Gaining strength

Facing the challenges


Like many things in life

I was afraid

Of being embarrassed

Of failing


It is a personal thing

Working to achieve a goal

As part of my training

I adopted a mantra


Read in a book about running

I wrote the initials daily

On the inside of my wrist

It sticks with me still


EAMOF-Excuses Are Made of Fear


While driving down the highway

Seeing a tree that is growing

Out of a rock bluff

No dirt to be seen


A person with disabilities

Who is making a difference

Motivates me to try harder

I am without their limitations


The words of scripture

Telling me that I am loved and accepted

That an unthinkable price was paid

For my salvation


A speaker, sharing their story

Of obstacle or tragedy

That I will never understand

But they have risen above it


Everyday people

Dealing with everyday problems

And finding a way to make it work

Against the odds



Who are always there

To motivate and encourage

Pushing me on to another goal



Can be found anywhere

If we are willing to stop

And look for it

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