Sisters/ Friends

We were 12 when we met

In the small classroom

In the little country church

And we became fast friends


You were at my house

Or I was at yours

Every chance that our parents

Would allow it


I became part of your family

And you became a part of mine

There were late night talks and giggles

And the crazy things that teenage girls do


There were face masks

And lemon to lighten our hair

Trying on clothes

And makeover sessions


Then you fell in love with my brother

And over time you married him

We went from friends who wished to be sisters

To being official sister in laws


You will always be one of my dearest friends

The closest to a sister by birth

You will always know my deepest secrets

And my most ambitious dreams


There are so many memories that we share

And many more to make

 I feel truly blessed

To call you sister

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