Setting out- the destination was planned

The route was decided

The stops were set

And the tank was full


Along the way there was a flat tire

A thunderstorm with rain so hard

That we had to pull over for awhile

Adjusting the plan was inevitable


We crossed over lines, counties and states

As we continued down the long stretches of road

The stops no longer lined up with the time table

And the course was rerouted once again


As we journeyed further we decided

That the present location was perfect

And maybe where we planned to go

Had never been the ideal destination

One thought on “Travels

  1. I love poems and verse with epiphanies. There is something just so wholesome and real about this entire poem. I loved it’s authenticity. I love the last line…this is a life lessen “And maybe where we planned to go/Had never been the ideal destination. This poem is brilliant! Well done!

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