three jars

i found three jars on the side of the road
such a mystery to me
one evening quite by accident
my eyes just happened to see
one filled with tomatoes as if someone had canned
one with elbow macaroni
maybe two or three hands
and one with chocolates wrapped in brightly colored
specially colored pink and blue for a boy or a girl
and since they sat so specifically
i left them there, not peculating but untouched
hoping that someone would come along who missed them
very much.

my world without you -#13


my world without you

I try to imagine a world without sun
it is easier than you think
for that would be my world without you
nothing would grow lush green
only scales and prickly leaves would crunch beneath my feet

at daybreak there would be no dew on the grass
or strong stem to glisten in the morning light
only dry stalk that would bend sorrowfully toward earth
the way I sometimes find it difficult
to force a smile from my lips when you are away

there would be no striking aura in the day’s sky
just steel gray clouds
a blank slate
like my dreams when you are not dancing in them.

laughter in the house #12

little kids laughing
the happiest noise i know
happy faces and runny noses
mix somehow well in the middle of a saturday evening
building castles with blocks
straight up to the sky
first bridges then houses
than camping under sheets
it doesn’t matter
you only need time and imagination
and you can run completely free
that is the beauty of youth
you are not limited by real life experiences
there is no line in the sand
so everything is allowed
that is the joy of being a child.

on my way #11

rushing waters and open fields
i am calling to you
can you hear me?
fiddles plucking out my course
in the distance
i am heading your way
can you hear me in the rushing stream?
over hills and grassy crags
i am coming to you
flying through the wide open spaces
marching straight to your door
high in the mountains
the sheep and shepherd leap
the hear your name blowing in the wind
i am on my way
can you hear me running?

color me wonderful -#10

with the brightest of hues you color my world
mixing greens and blues
and who is to say when tints will dull
or colors brighten
you are a reddish mix inside my brain
sometimes pink and orange
and when you do that thing with your finger
round the nape of my neck i go all chocolate brown
and ooze creamy pale yellows round my face
you color my world more beautiful than any crayon i have ever found

the spider -poem #9

spiny arms and legs
you lurk
hiding in corners and basement stairs
perhaps you were made to creep
and scare even the bravest of men in the dark

question -#8

if i allow you access to my all
then where would i go once you
have consumed me?
when you have eaten all the flesh off
of these muted bones
and sucked every ounce of breath
from these stagnant lungs?
who would i run to for air in the middle of the night?
who would sing me lullabyes while my head gently explodes?
if i allow you access to my all
then where would i go once you have consumed me?

poem #7 – stained

feeling his way through
yet untouched by human hands
but dirty still
born and shaped in iniquity
yearning to be born
then born again

love everywhere #6

lots of love everywhere
some love there
a few pieces over here
but everywhere there is love

hiding in the tall grass and under rocks
flowing through the rivers and streams
surrounding us in trees and hills

God has graciously capped off the earth
with wondrous clouds overhead
reminding us that we are loved

this old house

this old house

I used to know every crack in this old house
the way the basement floor felt on my bare feet in the winter
and how the bathroom stayed so cold
the flashbacks of us piled up on the stairs
so that we could all fit in the pictures

lots of memories of family dinners
and how the smell of breakfast waffled through this house
on saturday mornings
just mindful recollections now
as boxes line the walls
as pictures and mirrors come down
and furniture sold

a sort of ending
a sort of beginning again
all just phases in the end