let him wait

i let him wait

through early morning

and the softly fallen dew

through the afternoon and

the lazy day too

i let him want

through the evening

and then morning again

let him wait

let him wait

let him wait

not have a slice

or sample or piece.

let him wait

grow full of liquid love

blossom blue

burn and stagger for skin

sound the secret shower

running like summer wind.

that day

what were you looking for that day

i saw you in the crowd?

were you feeling a little lost?

i only saw the frown.

were you running from the madness?

out only for a breath of air?

it looked like you were sad

when i saw you standing there.

the sky had changed to rain

but i didn’t really care

because once i saw your face

i was totally unaware.

i smile when i recall it-

i remember it so well;

my sunshine on the best days-

sometimes my living hell;

but through it all i remember

and i’ve never seen it since-

the emptiness i know was there

that day i looked beyond my fence.

for maya (dedication to maya angelou)

you were not afraid to share your dreams

to show us how to be born from the dirt

and grow tall, stretching always towards the light.

you were the sister who told her truth

leaned on oaks and let the wind carry you.

i have reveled through your words

always holding them as gospel truths

and you have never swayed me in the wrong direction.

i am wiser because of you and through you-

i learned how to let the caged bird sing.


how much is that doggie in the window?

how much will it cost me to spend a little time-

wait for you on the sofa so we can conversate

way into the night;

it isn’t just a passing thing-

it always calls for more,

the energy we exert can burn a world down

but we go on not willing to admit-

wrestling with the whys and the why nots

that our lives reveal-

wondering if maybe in a different time and space

if this could be forever

you and me

face to face.

my secret lover

my secret lover

his morning song can consume me-

dark blossom bouquet that burns through

these dry cracks

showers off my dirt

makes me whole again;

able to run in the meadow-

when i close my eyes i can smell you

blowing in the wind.


quiet still thoughts sap my strength

hold me hostage to this sweet inner peace.

secret passions burning

looking for a place to call home-

his constant fire brands me his-

the endless refrain that plays out

a song with words that only we can sing.


my secret lover

always new, yet still the same

sweet voice and soul and smile unchanged;

the careless whisper that i long to hear

sends out his muted signals for me to get

and i wait with baited breath for the call;

the quiet plea to the place

where i discover what love should be.


morning crisis

i can sit here/relaxed

comfortable in yesterday

dreaming happily/with music and songs

with sun/moon or dust

sit happily hoping for tomorrow


still trying to remember

the day before this/

questions unanswered/whys and hows and who/unsolved mysteries/

like when does yesterday start and when does tomorrow end


and so it began like christmas morn

anxious and excited

i gather my thoughts

my words wrapped up like little shiny gifts

under wrap and foil and bows.

here i sit…waiting patiently to be inspired.

A quick note…

If you want to know a little more about what I really enjoy doing, feel free to check out my FB page at All That Drama! Productions. I love to write not only poetry but plays as well. I also love to act and have been doing so in community theatre and church productions for years.  Any other skit and playwrights out there?

Hi Fellow Marathoners!

This is Carolyn in Baltimore.  I am trying out a post in Word Press just to be sure everything is up and running.  I am another one who always writes love poetry but I will try to experiment with some different stuff during the marathon. Expecting to be challenged before its all said and done.

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