and so it begins….

Excited to be doing my third full marathon. I made so many friends through the last two years and hope to make a few more. The support offered here has led to my being ready to really put myself out there. Can’t wait to see what is in store for us this year.

and so it begins…

cliche, but apropos as

we await the start




Pencil on the finger tips

Ink on the hands

This has been my life



Stories to entertain

Stories to amaze

This has been my life



With my friends and family

With students and co-workers

This has been my life



Was always a dream

Was always something someone else did

And now this is my life





August 14, 2016



Warm glowing crackles from the stone hearth

as the circle begins to grow.

Murmuring voices gather into lilting laughter and stories of growing old.

The davenport is getting seedy from generations of hands and bodies.

Oils that have left behind their traces; ghosts of friends and family.

The walls have been many colors,

once even a fake wood.

The chip in the corner from children’s scuffling

tells a rainbow story of passing time.

There is a sturdy deep red rocker sitting where

the enfolding over-stuffed recliner used to be.

It finally reached its end,

when Granma could feel the springs.

Its twin is losing the floral skirt,

but still carries enough fluff for Grandpa’s bones.

On the table, in the middle,

sits the perpetual monopoly game

that has entertained so many rainy days.

In the air, the smell of dinner wafting through

the house making everyone’s mouth water

with thoughts of roast turkey,

mashed potatoes

and pumpkin pie.






August 14, 2016

At the Diner

She sits waiting for

Her prince Charming to show up,

Pumpkin coach outside.


At the Diner


August 14, 2016

There is Silence.

There is silence…

No humming TV.

No buzzing phone.

No static voices in the background.

There is silence…

My brain doesn’t speak.

My heart doesn’t beat.

My ears don’t ring in a disturbing pitch.

There is silence…

The world sleeps.

The moon wanes.

The day lumbers on slothful tip-toe.

There is silence…

In the room around me.

In the air outside.

In the dreams where my consciousness hides.

There is silence.




There is Silence.


August 14, 2016


Who do you trust, little girl.

A fox or a bear?


Who should lead, little one,

The kit or the cub?


Who do you love, little dear,

Can you make your choice clear?


Who do you know, little lass,

The sly or the crass?




August 14, 2016




There once was a man named Chester,

Who had a parrot called Lester.


They went for a ride to Dover

and ended up getting pulled over.


The officer walked up right away

And asked Chester what he had to say,


As Chester opened his mouth to speak,

Lester replied, “Fuck you, Pardon me!”


The officer was nice and asked him twice,

Lester responsed “Fuck what? EXCUSE Me!”


Chester tried in vain to explain, but

The officer was quite put out,


I’m taking you in, he said with no grin and

Don’t you know that damn bird said, again


“Fucking Thank you!” with a sneer and poo.

The judge asked, what should I do with you?


 Is there something wrong with your head?

“Well, How the fuck are you?” Lester said.



 as they took them a way, he told the court,

“Have a Fucking nice day.” And shat on the door.


Sitting in the cell, side by side, Chester looked over

 What you say now you’ve got us in trouble?


Lester shook his head and puffed his chest,

And squawked, “Welcome home. Chester”


Tucked his head under his wing and went to sleep.







August 14, 2016


The soft padding of paws

 slip through the jungle growth,

 pushing aside dinner-plate leaves

 and pressing Crayola flower

 in the sponge below them.


The mirror glow above

a scenting nose

 is all the warning given

 as the crouch becomes a leap

 and a heartbeat becomes dinner.


Velvet lined ears twitch

 side to side, back and forth,

ever vigilant for the interloper’s steps

 pushing through the undergrowth

unaware of what lies there.






August 13, 2016

Daily Parade

Mama pulled out the stroller and

Put on my prettiest dress.

My heart started to beat faster

Cause I knew what this meant.


Will he be up on the roof or

Hammering a wall?

Will he talk to us this time or

Turn away like before?


As we get closer, mama fixes my hair

And I start to squirm and squeal.

I try to tell her to let me out

I can walk right up to him and make him see.


Would he notice my pretty bow or

My eyes just like his?

Would he swing me in his arms or

Bend and give me a kiss?


When we start to pass, a man walks over

But he isn’t him, so Mama keeps walking.

“He doesn’t work here anymore, Fran, so

You can please stop the daily parade.”


Didn’t he think I was pretty enough or

See my big smile and wave?

Doesn’t he know I love him or

Need him to be here with us?


Mama pushes us home a little slower.

My little heart hurts so much,

How could this be?

My Daddy doesn’t want me.




Daily Parade


August 13, 2016

Cat for Sale


The call came through the market

Setting small hearts off like a rocket

The thought of a small ball of fur

Brought feet skittering to hear the purr

Eyes widened upon reaching the destination

Mouths opened in “O’s” of surprised animation

This was no happy kitten sitting in a basket

But a scrappy Tomcat ready for action

Turning, all ran, their mother’s to locate, as

The call came through the market,




Cat for sale


August 13, 2016

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