Some place else

The desert is sucking the life out of me.

Like a mummified Pharaoh with papyrus skin.

The sun says “sweat”, but I have nothing more to give.

Surrounded by sand, I am in the wrong place.

I long for the waves, splash dancing with a

shore welcoming each waves onslaught.

Breeze sliding its fingers through my hair.

The sun kisses on bare shoulders, backs and legs.

I sit in the constant hum of exhausted AC.

A noise of machines and isolation.

Staring at a face on the pix-elated screen.

wishing I could be on a towel in a different sand.

2 thoughts on “Some place else

  1. Brilliant use of words to convey your situation. ‘Breeze sliding its fingers through my hair.’ So well described! Made me root for you and I hope you get to a beach soon!

  2. The energy of ” splash dancing with a/shore welcoming” got a big “yes!” from me. Especially now, the AC feels like it’s sucking my life, not aiding it. To be in the elements without fear, but with joy, resonated here.

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