Goodnight (FINALE-Actostic Poem) Poem 24/Hour 24

Goodnight (FINALE-Actostic Poem)

By: LuvMiFreelt


G ave it my all although I started off  

O verwhelmed, anxiety high 

O ptimistically I pushed forward, not allowing myself to  

D oubt my own potential.

N ow I’ve made it to the end and I’m thankful for all the  

I nspiration along the way. As I continue to 

G row in my writing I hope I connected with your 

H eart. I love y’all! 

T hank you for all the support! 

Not So Free -(Magic 9 Poem) Poem 23/Hour 23

Not So Free ((Magic 9 Poem))
By: LuvMiFreely 


The world has caused a lot of uncertainty
Planting seeds of doubt
Nothing that’s happening makes sense to me
Government continues to lie
Parents are struggling to fed their babies
But they’re worried about abortions
When will they open their eyes to see
That they are slowly taking us out
What happened to our freedom, our democracy? 

An Ode to Poetry Poem 21/Hour 21

An Ode to Poetry
By: LuvMiFreely 

Oh how grateful I am that you exist
You give me space to express how I feel
Words flow easier for me when written
When the world doesn’t understand me
You welcome me with arms wide open
Thank you for always being my my safe place

Boundaries Poem 19/Hour 19

By: LuvMiFreely

This year I made a vow to be devoted to my spiritual journey
Growing closer to God
Learning to do the shadow work
I’m healing
God told me to be still
I obeyed and listened
I prayed for clarity and the strength to lean on Him
He made me less available
Started removing people and things no longer serving me
This journey has required me to say less
And observe more
I’ve been disconnecting from negativity and those who cause it
Raising my vibrations
Striving for alignment
I stopped trying to take control and let Him lead
I refuse to deal with people who drain my energy
Or who can’t reciprocate the love I offer
I won’t apologize for protecting my space
My boundaries aren’t up for debate

Tired -A Tanka Poem 17/Hour 17

Tired -A Tanka Poem

By: LuvMiFreely

Fighting thoughts of sleep

My eyes are getting heavy

Trying to push through

I’m struggling to keep up

But I refuse to give up

Proceed With Caution Poem 16/Hour 16

Proceed With Caution 

By: LuvMiFreely 

I’m often perceived as quiet

Shy and meek

People like to try me 

Taking my kindness for weakness

I normally take the high road

I don’t like to argue 

But what you might not know

My words will destroy you 

They cut like a knife

I aim to hurt feelings

You’ll see a side of me that can”t be deemed as innocent 

Watch how you talk to me 

Tread lightly when you speak

Coming for me will turn ugly 

I promise you would never want to witness that day 

If you came with a warning, what would your label say?

Feel Alright Poem 15/Hour 15

Feel Alright

By: LuvMiFreely


I’m was willing to walk away

But I became comfortable

I remember how it all started 

You knew I was broken and vulnerable

I let you get under my skin 

And I’ve never been the same

Told myself that I needed you 

Although you made me feel numb inside 

I turned the other cheek 

Because I was scared to be alone at night 

Holding onto the edge of a knife 

I hurt myself to keep you in my life 

I wanted to believe that you were all mine

But now I can see past the lies 

I just wanted to feel alright

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