Not So Free -(Magic 9 Poem) Poem 23/Hour 23

Not So Free ((Magic 9 Poem))
By: LuvMiFreely 


The world has caused a lot of uncertainty
Planting seeds of doubt
Nothing that’s happening makes sense to me
Government continues to lie
Parents are struggling to fed their babies
But they’re worried about abortions
When will they open their eyes to see
That they are slowly taking us out
What happened to our freedom, our democracy? 

2 thoughts on “Not So Free -(Magic 9 Poem) Poem 23/Hour 23

  1. Oh my gosh, yes!
    I’m no expert in critiquing, but I know what I like and gives my something to think about. I usually read a poem out loud. This one, I’ve reread several times and find myself nodding my head …. thank you for sharing this with us 🌞

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