Hour 24: Vukić Part X.

our last call,
let me into your disaster kingdom,
coming into the fire,
in or 5th dimension, you rule the world,
and you’re coming for the muti-dimensional universe.
was it really like that?
In the kingdom, worrying about your father,
and mother, and drinking too much and smoking too much,
cliaming everything would fix your broken body
and soul,
and you didn’t know how much you meant.
I could pretend this meant nothing but it did,
and we come to an end, and begin the next day,
we always look into oblivion and see infinity,
see it grip our chest,
as we second guess,
every ruling of the new world,
from your shattered mouth, and golden hands,
the king to rule all of us,
I wait, there will be more to say, but for now, this is it.

Hour 23: Asper Honest

highlight every detail,
leave nothing out,
never made it into the holy kingdom,
but slept outside of it for many days.
wasted away like summoning,
far more deadly than any ancient,
except you, of course.
i was telling you of the world, the universe.

Hour 22: Lethe

took me to river Lethe, washed me in all his purity.
drowned every other god,
who would not come and swallow me as we would have wanted.
i bred myself out, sent you a clone of my aftermath.
sleepless nights echo when your silence taps on the window,
like rain, I could find you in a different wavelength,
you keep all the excess, I’ll breed myself again, with someone who loves me more.
disappeared and in the moonlight,
I cascaded down again, back into your oblivion.
took me to the river Lethe and drowned me.

Hour 19: Sex and Cosmos

doom in the terrible room,
fucked so much, he went to sleep before we saw the world come together.
he had his palms out, sun was radiating against the temple he created,
he wanted everything to be in its proper order.
I have become a casualty of the new age,
against your flesh,
I have seen the universe in the rhythm from your body.

Hour Eighteen: Wristlaw.

you leak light.
silence comes swarming us, when life attacks to quickly and you can’t adjust.
you’re a young cosmo,
effortless attempts for power,
you come in with the tide and you leave in every energy pull,
beautiful, sunken man,
with hell on his mind,
brown eyes, tan skin, came disastrous and never-ending,
pulled the fire from his soul and wouldn’t let go of destruction.
potent and disastrous these words sink like a ship in the stormy harbor.
I pummel everything with your aura, they will know what you came and did,
and left everything in your wake, stamped your name on the wreckage,
and made gold from ruins.
I could see how hiding behind the words would create a bigger space,
but you cannot resist the urge to be dazzling, so we swim back into old routines,
you left, and I leave following you and once we’re gone, we only build again.
Wristlaw, learned something else, being too mysterious,
I cannot tell what changed.

Hour Seventeen: Fragility Skulls

i crash landed and found youth on the day bed.
i spent days wasting my eyes looking at the sun.
rotate me and sacrifice me, my head is torn in different directions.
misled you and washed you in acid rain,
took all the bone out of you, you don’t get anything back.
there are riddles to solve, beneath this earth, unearth me,
no one to blame but your own games that have been set out on the floor,
i was sworn to secrecy by the broken road we came upon.
there was this fragile picture of us, came apart, and came up in flame,
the skulls and the bones of every secret you stole,
and never gave back.
it’ll come attack you, if you let it.

Hour Sixteen: Harmonia

Clung to the threads,
Built you up and never looked back,
Stapled my heart to your hand,
Found harmony in what was left of my dignity.
Control the last remnants of this dream,
Dizzying love spell, the last call to our ultimate survival you paved the road to all my rotten memories.
I still hold life in the one you gave me,
I found harmony in the blackened cavitied of your lips and my spell casting fingertips of woe and love blasphemy.
I entrap myself in this cavern,
I engulf myself in your chaos,
And dare not ask your name,
I found harmony in silence.

Hour 15: Lightning Averted Gaze.

strike from the sky,
you…like some deity,
as always, like…
Zeus…who intensified every living thing,
from out of the soul and into my mouth.
avoided eye contact, set the match of fire,
turned straight to gathering flame,
static, electric,
knew what you were doing,
lightning averted gaze,
can you hear the thundering? rapturous and violent, like you and I bid myself to your power.

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