Hour Eighteen: Wristlaw.

you leak light.
silence comes swarming us, when life attacks to quickly and you can’t adjust.
you’re a young cosmo,
effortless attempts for power,
you come in with the tide and you leave in every energy pull,
beautiful, sunken man,
with hell on his mind,
brown eyes, tan skin, came disastrous and never-ending,
pulled the fire from his soul and wouldn’t let go of destruction.
potent and disastrous these words sink like a ship in the stormy harbor.
I pummel everything with your aura, they will know what you came and did,
and left everything in your wake, stamped your name on the wreckage,
and made gold from ruins.
I could see how hiding behind the words would create a bigger space,
but you cannot resist the urge to be dazzling, so we swim back into old routines,
you left, and I leave following you and once we’re gone, we only build again.
Wristlaw, learned something else, being too mysterious,
I cannot tell what changed.

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