Hour 24: Vukić Part X.

our last call,
let me into your disaster kingdom,
coming into the fire,
in or 5th dimension, you rule the world,
and you’re coming for the muti-dimensional universe.
was it really like that?
In the kingdom, worrying about your father,
and mother, and drinking too much and smoking too much,
cliaming everything would fix your broken body
and soul,
and you didn’t know how much you meant.
I could pretend this meant nothing but it did,
and we come to an end, and begin the next day,
we always look into oblivion and see infinity,
see it grip our chest,
as we second guess,
every ruling of the new world,
from your shattered mouth, and golden hands,
the king to rule all of us,
I wait, there will be more to say, but for now, this is it.

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