#2 Together

We sit
Together, but not
You, slaying some hidden dragon
Me, soaking in the calmness, before the storm
You look at me,
Nothing but Love
Sunshine soaking us
Hidden dragons all around
We sit, calm and safe in each other’s Love
The world turning, as we rest

#4 You Like The Debate

I hear voices raised.
You are arguing with the kids again.
Intergenerational bullshit coming in.
Don’t you remember this age?
You like arguing with them.
Me not so much.
I remember being this age
So much to say.
Now I am not always sure I am right
I can see the other side.
I feel the hurt.
I don’t have the energy for this.
Why can’t you remember this age?
See their point.
You love to argue.
Perhaps feeling youth slipping away
You need to make your point before it is too late.
You thrive on it.

#3 Before Darkness

before darkness,
the beautiful light,
like candle light,
your face softened somehow
the weariness of life lifted
anticipation of rest before another day

#1 Nothingness

An ordinary day, sun filters in
I see you and there is nothing
I dread your coming
then I have to feel
the nothingness between us

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to the marathon with you all.


I remember the feelings of joy and relief when you were born
Perfect little body with big eyes staring in wonder at your new world
I remember the feeling of panic that struck me when I was first pregnant
How would I cope without “me” time ever again
I remember the trials of early mommyhood and the complete joy of eating a freezie while lying in the grass on a hot summer day
I remember teenage angst and wondering if you would ever navigate the waters of life without crashing on the shore
I remember the long year that you lived half way around the world when you were just nineteen
Now I feel that same panic I felt when you were just stirring inside me, what is my life now that you are all grown and not needing me?

#11 My Loyal Friend

You greet me whenever I come home
Doing your bumble bee dance of hello
You follow me around to keep me safe
From unknown predators in the house
When I settle down with tea and the paper
You sleep nearby, always aware of me
You remind me when it is dinner time
Heaven knows where you get your clock
But it is always very precise
You remind me to exercise
With your persistent nose prodding
You take me to bed most nights
Again with your amazing internal clock
Sleeping on the floor beside my bed
What a dear and loyal friend you are

#10 Autobiography of a Face

My skin now starting to sag and droop
Hides the truth of young resiliance
The wrinkles playing at my eyes and mouth
Tell the tale of laughter always getting me through the tough times
The grey hair tumbling about my face
Still surprises me, where did the time go?
My forehead all speckled with sun spots
Tell the tale of great times spent outside
Teeth, once white, now starting to yellow
Says good food and much red wine enjoyed
Blue eyes that sparkle and shine
Tell the tale of life still laughing and living


What, what am I doing?

Typing the words
I don’t recall worrying about the poems
Spilling onto the page
Easy thoughts, not perfect

Time marching, tick tock
What a joyous, sunny, warm day
Enjoying this marathon


#8 Haiku

Dragonfly flitting
The warmth of hot summer days
Mating complete, death