#4 You Like The Debate

I hear voices raised.
You are arguing with the kids again.
Intergenerational bullshit coming in.
Don’t you remember this age?
You like arguing with them.
Me not so much.
I remember being this age
So much to say.
Now I am not always sure I am right
I can see the other side.
I feel the hurt.
I don’t have the energy for this.
Why can’t you remember this age?
See their point.
You love to argue.
Perhaps feeling youth slipping away
You need to make your point before it is too late.
You thrive on it.

One thought on “#4 You Like The Debate

  1. I understand this piece. I recognize both sides of the parents as well as the upheaval in the family.
    I still must work on not raising my voice and the drama!
    As individuals our skills differ as do our life experiences.
    Still learning how best to cope with children and my partner.

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