#8 Haiku

Dragonfly flitting
The warmth of hot summer days
Mating complete, death


Dark,moist,rich soil
From your fertility springs life
Green,poking shoots erupt
Seed coats sitting jauntily like hats upon cotyledons
Seeking things to climb on and
Warm, bright light to convert to energy

#6 Collaboration 2 with my literacy student

Don’t tell me what I don’t know
You are not in my head
Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do
Until I try it
Don’t tell me that I can’t see what’s going on
You are not my eyes
Don’t tell me what I can hear
You are not my ears
And I can’t read your lips from the back of your head
While you walk away, still talking

#4 Good Morning

“Good Morning” I Chirp
As I walk into work
“Is it?” you ask

To be honest
The answer is “No”
I would rather be on my Treasure Island
Where soft moonlight falls on me
After hours of toiling at your sweatshop

#3 Fishing

Each day you cast your net
Put out your carefully baited hooks
Waiting patiently for signs that confirm your reality,
Your control of the world
Some days your boat is full
you drift,
wondering where the catch is.


I come to you
weary, broken, helpless

You carry me
You heal me

Like an old growth forest
With it’s mossy carpet

Silent wisdom
Washing over me

Your Love
My refuge

Your Words

Punched in the face
Kicked in the stomach
…Your Words

Getting to know me

Hi all,

I am a fifty-eight year old woman who is married and has two kids. My daughter is twenty five and my son is twenty. I have a dog who’s breed is Australian Shepard. My background is science and I have always loved writing. I leave it for awhile sometimes but always go back to it.

I love learning and am always taking courses from cooking to quilting. I work as a technician in a soil fertility lab. I have a degree in biology. I love yoga and spin class. I am a volunteer tutor in an adult literacy program.

I really have done nothing so far to prepare for the marathon except activating this account and posting on facebook! Looking forward to all the creativity next Saturday and have figured out that my start time will be 6am PST so will have to haul myself out of bed early. I am doing a half marathon for this year.