Getting to know me

Hi all,

I am a fifty-eight year old woman who is married and has two kids. My daughter is twenty five and my son is twenty. I have a dog who’s breed is Australian Shepard. My background is science and I have always loved writing. I leave it for awhile sometimes but always go back to it.

I love learning and am always taking courses from cooking to quilting. I work as a technician in a soil fertility lab. I have a degree in biology. I love yoga and spin class. I am a volunteer tutor in an adult literacy program.

I really have done nothing so far to prepare for the marathon except activating this account and posting on facebook! Looking forward to all the creativity next Saturday and have figured out that my start time will be 6am PST so will have to haul myself out of bed early. I am doing a half marathon for this year.

3 thoughts on “Getting to know me

    1. Love my crazy dog. They are a little crazy for the first couple of years but are very loyal, eager to please and smart. Have fun with him.

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