Hour 4; Prompt 4: To Whom It May

It has been awhile now
12, 13 years?
Might as well be a day
Because that’s how long it feels, when I think of you

I can’t get past the feeling of non closure
There is still so much to be said
There are still feelings left unshared
Even though I spoke to you
Moments before you took your last

Your birthday
You were 79
At this moment
I sense the tragic irony, though not lost to me
Just the sensation of,
“Damn. Of all days.”

I remember a few days after
I came across a bottle of Dewars
It was old; at least a couple of decades
It was so terrible
But I drank on
And inside that bottle I found warmth
Maybe even a little hope
But you were nowhere in sight

I miss you dad

Of Swans and Ports

There were times, I know
You were ready to go
But you stayed
And my world spun on
Gave me air to breathe
A reason to still believe

Is there time, to go back and remember, who we are?

You came up today
In the light of my brain
Just as I thought to step away
For a second or two
I’d forgotten your face
Darkened by my anger
And my idiosyncratic ways
You brought me back to my senses

Is there time, to go back and remember, who we are?

There are words to say
Moments left to play
Out in the world
We brave the worst together
Even if it’s the worst in us both
We’ll remain right where we both need us

Hour 2; Prompt 2: Adventure Casserole

Math rocks; d20 set,
Tabletop; game mat or best option
Friends; 2 or more, but not more than ten
Imagination; any flavor
Time; 3-4hrs a week: more if possible

1. Write a plot, thick but not stiff; should be a consistency that allows for further thickening as needed
2. Add in some twists
3. Mix well, then set to the side.
4. In a separate room, assemble friends in a concentric circle; pentagrams and candles are optional
5. Mix each friend separately with math rocks, pen or pencil, a notebook, and character sheet. (tumble math rocks and record results)
6.Bring plot back to the table, and fold in each friend until thoroughly engrossed
7. Set timer for 0:0

This recipe is subject to change, and will never result in the same ending
Happy Adventuring!

The Purest of Hearts

As I sit here, thinking, typing, deleting, retyping
I hear you in the other room
Arguing with our dachshund
And I can’t help, but smile

You two going back and forth
You, telling him,
“No! Stop chewing on mommy!”
Me, listening
Imagining the sight
As my heart playfully battles with a pup
Smiling at the thought of how patient you are
How much love you have to give
How good a person you are

In spite of all you endured

It is why I admire you
And aspire to be
So much better than I am
So much better than I was
When you first met me

You’ve just chastised him about bullying our cats
Trying to make them *squeak* like his favorite toys
Which they do, sometimes
All the while I hear him
In response
And you laugh
So pure a sound

This is 2020.

A few years ago, I came across The Poetry Marathon on a random post I happened to catch on Facebook. Every year, I’ve looked forward to the next marathon. I appreciate the Jans for bringing this magnificent experience to life. It has helped me, as well as many others, to keep warm those flames of inspiration and creativity alive an well in all of us. Some Poets and their anthologies that followed them, are only a small part of what this marathon has created. Here’s to another 24 hours of creative fire, and the life that will spring forth from it. Good Luck everyone!
Martin P. Rodriguez Torrez

11. To 18 Year Old Me: Her Name is Joanie

You’re gonna see some shit
Do some things not worth remembering, but you will
Trust me, though.
It’ll be worth it

You you’ll meet her
(No not her; pay attention)
After some trying times and nearly lethal moments
You’ll wish for death and hope for relief
And you’ll find it, but not when you should
You’ll meet her
(No, not her either; focus)
At the moment you think it can never get better
But it will
She’ll make sure of it.
(No, not her; she breaks you like the others)
Ask her name first, though.
It’ll be better than what you did say
Trust me, it’s not worth repeating
Just remember, she’s hurting, too.
(Yes, her.)
You can’t be like you were with the others
You have to really work at this, cause she’s you
(Yes, her. I’m sure)
You have to show her you’re worthy
You have to let go of your fears
Because she’s afraid, too.
She’ll demand from you, what the others never understood
Cause they never really cared to consider you.
She will.
She does.
Every day.

I have to tell you, though.
There will be pain
And it will hurt
There will be blood
There will be words, you’ll regret and will shoulder for years to come
Just remember, her name is Joanie.

10. 6 AM on a Saturday

Coffee in the pot
You laying at my side
Your hair all messy and wild
The hush of the morning muting the early sounds
Sunlight creeping in through the fog of the Midwest dawn
Too warm for sweaters, yet much too cold for bare feet
But, I’m sure you’d walk on the concrete anyway
Chill be damned

9. The Rage and the Pride

I remained silent
Stubborn to not reveal my heart
Your heart, you knew so well
You knew just how to twist
And yet
I remained silent

Can I reveal the fire that burns so bright
And burn your hate away?
Leave behind the scattered words
You swallowed down that I choked away
Into your mouth

You must have been so hungry to eat my pain
Smiling all the while
As my life drained deep into your
Prideful smile
Hungering to devour my rage

8. Sevenling(She Stayed)

You made it simple to understand
Be honest, be earnest, and never forget why you’re here

You’ve remained ever by my side
Because I loved you in those ways
Never forgetting

Why you married me