Afraid To Fail

(My fear of failing goes back to time immemorial.)

Afraid to fail afraid to fall

Because your anger I still recall

‘Might be embarrassed might hear a nag

That’s why in trying It’s where I lag

Tempting Flame

From his view he sees the flame alluring Calling him to dance without shame

He flew closer closer to temptation And circled the reddish beauty beyond imagination

It’s warmth and its beauty Both calling both tempting

Irresistible he can’t resist So closer did he get

They flirted they danced  Oh flame oh flame you got hold of my hand

And she licked yes she licked His tiny flappy wings

And off he went down Far down far below

Feeling sorry for himself It’s his fault true we know

The flame so inviting the flame so pretty Just deceived him and burned him

Breaking him to pieces Leaving the world he’ll surely miss


His life turned to waste

A true chance of happiness

Sorry so careless.


Dear Technology

Dear Technology,

I know I love you but I hate you just the same

Because you aid me everyday but I hear some news of shame

Things you made easy are made lost far quickly

I love you but I hate you I’m so torn can’t you see

I know you are good but I know you too are bad

You connect people who are apart and part those close at hand

Products come so quick yet quick too they ran out

You are good yet you are bad you cause my broken heart

You are like “black and white”

You are like “near or far”

You are like “hot and cold”

Or an angel in disguise

You are like “sinner or a saint”

You are like “angel or a devil”

You are like “soft and hard”

Cause of you I feel bad

But you are the “drink moderately” in every liqour

You are the “danger to the health” in every puffing pack

I will take you in moderation, little by little, drop by drop

Then maybe I will love you with all of my heart.


Naida N. Supnet

August 14, 2016

1:37 am


A Woman Named Mercy

She lost her son She lost her mind

She lost everything She lost everyone

She roams in the rain She roams all around

Then one early day  she has been gone… gone

Then her son came came looking for her

In his hands is a gift A beautiful fur

He will put it around his mom’s lovely neck

Who’s been cheerful and pretty the last time he checked

He left and he looked for the beautiful woman

She came and she saw her beautiful son

Then both cried and laughed and ran in the rain

Never will they leave each other again.







Before Darkness

Before Darkness…

It’s the time of the day when you are very loud

Your smile is contagious you are one of the crowd

You hide ‘though it hurts You pretend you’re okay

You hide in a mask everything’s a display

Before Darkness…

People lie about things they don’t look in the eye

They just laugh they smile with their hopes in the sky

But I know they are tired and can’t wait to be home

They’re waiting and waiting  for darkness to come

During Darkness

It’s the time of the day when people are  true

So sincere and so honest blue when they’re blue

They just pour out their hearts they will shout they will cry

And no eyes can see them None will doubt None will lie.





Losing Track of Time

You may be by the kitchen busy with our meal

And me by the window watching you big deal

You may be with your singing with your voice out loud

And me with my book never wanting a crowd

At times with your mood and you grab me so quick

And we dance with a tune  with a tap and a kick

In your seat you smile while you play with my hair

Daydreaming and smiling together as a pair

Your mind might be flying  to a place I don’t know

Or I’ll think of a plan but this I won’t show

Can’t you see we’re at peace very calm very warm

Just as long as we’re together we can lose track of time

For you are my home when the world is so loud

And you are my refuge in a chaotic crowd

I can lose everything I can lose track of time

Because moments with you won’t equal a dime.




To Bid and To End

Like the sun that sets for a day’s end

Like the leaves that fall down the bend

Like the rains that fall when it can’t hold

Yes, to bid and to end is a move so bold.

For the sun should be out for the moon to be seen

And the leaves should fall for new ones so clean

And the rains should fall to wipe away the tears

Yes, to bid and to end will welcome new cheers

So if it’s time for my life to take it’s final bow

I will walk gracefully and I will show you how

How I faired in this world with my poems and my verse

And enjoy your applause which I know ain’t rehearsed

So the life I have borrowed I’ll return to the Boss

And I hope I could get a high-sounding “kudos”

Thanks to you thanks to you I have had a good one

With my man with my child and my poems that are fun.