My Computer

This thing called a computer
Gives me life
As the words stream
Faster and faster
Through each dream
It is something
Could not give up
In this life
Would feel
Empty and sad
My life
Exist in this

Search and Found

No direction-to formation
Formation leads to direction
Direction finds summation
Of the deep search


Falling endlessly
In and out
Breathing friendly
Grins about
Dreaming aimlessly
Spins a crowd
Through the eternal
Flight of love
Recommended as an, Angel dove

Man with Emotions

Gentle the dream
As the soul release
Kindly did he speak?
When he hath grown to his knees
Of thy words of thee

Morning in Vilano

Lost in deep thought gazing on the waves
The pelicans fly gracefully into the morning sun
It has been too long since my toes touched the sand
The shine from the sun reveals the shape of the shells
I wish I could fly like the pelicans searching for fish
Life must be so sweet for the pelicans

The incoming tide is feeding time for the pelicans
Flying just above the waves
My toes knows how to find sea shells
They embrace the warmth of the sand
Heated by the morning sun
The pelican and I want our bellies full of fish

The pelican’s big beak quickly fills with fish
So much grace and beauty in the pelicans
Swiftly navigating the waves
The waves wash and uncover my treasure of sea shells
The incoming tide is rushing in to cover the shells in the sand
I embrace this moment in the sun

The pelicans race to meet the morning sun
Patiently search for more incoming fish
The schools of fish dart through the rolling waves to stay out of the bellies of the pelicans
More clouds of fish are swarming through the waves
My bag quickly fills with sandy sea shells
My toes dance in the sand

Sinking into the warmth of the sand
My face greets the morning sun
My ears absorb the rolling sounds of the waves
The horizon slowly fills with more hungry pelicans
They are flying for fish while I wish for fish
Searching for shells

My shelves shall be home for my new found shells
Come out from the sand
Show yourselves in the sun
Today you will be my catch instead of fish
Their future is in the bellies of the pelicans
My future is to dive into the waves

Invigoration from the waves and shelves full of sea shells
The orange sun kisses the sand
I now feel like a fish still but too large for the pelicans

I Want

You opened up inside
I want to feel that you’re alive
And understand your old electricity that died
I want to drink the water from your soul
And swallow the truth of what makes you whole
I want to listen to the desires within your lips
And hold onto you as you may lose your grip
I want to feel the rhythm of your heart
Even when we are apart
I want to lock into your love shadows
I want to sizzle- you to the end of my world
And dash you through my sensations of my soul
I want to evaporate my past within
Because I want our relationship to be pure not sin
I want to intrigue you into my colorful mind
And take you beyond the intellectual of my love
I want to pull out what other’s fear
I want to be there to wipe your tears
I want to respect all your dreams and goals
Your actions will show me how you’ll keep us both whole
I want to be there for you when you need to express the pain
I want to watch you when it’s time for you to gain
I want to channel into your passionate ways
As we unite in the cycle as one with each passing day
And I want you to believe in the words I say

Because of You

A spiral wind
Turned inside of me
Because of you

I experienced a deep
Magical connection
Because of you

I can open up my soul
And release my passion
Because of you

I can truly experience
Internal love
Because of you
I love to live

Touched me without knowing it

There have been so many people in and out of my life
Encountering new and old
It’s made me bold
That has found a deep place in my soul
Who has discovered the opposite toll?
Because they reached in and touched me
Without knowing it
Each time it’s happened to be
I give a different look and then see
What all the purpose meant to me
Of why they all
Touched me without knowing it

I Want To Tickle Your Tongue

Tickle, Tickle
All over your tongue
Air moves,
What is it?
Do I want you to taste it?
Do I want you to kiss it?
Or Do I just want
You to be tickled
How can the mind?
Surrender to this space and time
When all the flavor
Of each taste
Deep and deeper
Into the sky
What do I want?
I want to tickle,
Tickle, tickle
Your tongue
What is it?
What is it?
That I want
Do you feel it from my heart and soul?
Can you see it?
Or do I have to show you
How to embrace it!
It’s here
For you!

The Road Less Traveled

A magic fork bends within the wind
It’s split in two
One half of the silver leans to the right
The other to the left
The metal lines point out
The way
Each one strays
I slip through

The Water portal opens
It’s a gaze
Space and time
As I walk through
Leaving the fork behind
As the moment of shredded lessons
It’s the one less road seen or taken
But I was the one
On who saw something