We Need!

The hours pass bye
When my friend’s mother almost died
Taking her last
Ambulance and police
Take over
The mother breathes
As the hospital released,
The darkest hour
We need, doctors to shine in the purest moments in life
Her beauty resigns
In the hands
Of nothing and no good doctors
We need, the doctor to reply
Air pump holding her alive
It’s time to release
The mother
I cry
And saw the man
Scream for his mother life
On whom almost died
Doctors just released her
Screams the son
To the doctor
We need, you to bring her home alive
You were going to leave her
Dead and not alive
We needed you
Explain my cries
Cause you left

Trampoline Time

Oh, Jump
Oh, Jump,
I climb high
I cry
Reaching the sky
Is off limits
On trampoline time
Oh, So, I jump
Jump and jump
And jump,
NO, words to fly
Oh, so I cry
And cry
I can’t find my
Poet’s eye
Where did it go inside of my mind?
I jumped to high
Found within
Trampoline time-

Universal sky-I’m fine


An Ugly Face

You glare at me with your eyes
And then turn back away from me
Because you only saw
An ugly face
Starring back at you
With a open heart
Full of a lingering love
Inside a genuine art

Color My Pages

Browns and reds built the foundation
Blues and greys structure tear down those secrets of formation
Pinks and yellows give glory to the transformation
Peach frees the child’s soul of word translations
Squeezing out the blessed women’s Identity
Of a born leader

Top Climb

Broken down
Sound bound
Earth shakes
It molds and makes
Quality Beauty
Golden duty
Of a solider



Black and blue peas
Birds break trees
Falling knees
Un-natural breeze
Animals sneeze
Car’s disease
Cold bees
Elegance seen
After the human
It’s been

Do I exist?

I etch my soul in the sky,
As, I need a rebirth,
Energy stretches into purple highs,
As, I ask within “Earth”,
Do I Exist?
Then, answers replied “Nothing Lives”
So I ask again “Why?”
“Is it up to the heavens and sky on who lives or dies?”
Then, I reply “Why Try!”
When all we are going to do is die,
I surrender and sigh,
The sky replies “Earths design was to give you a reason to shine in a human life,
But humans destroy life, so we take life,
So I reply “If I die, what happens then”
The sky replies “Life is designed to fly even when you die”,
“So nothing lives”,
So, I ask again “If we try, fly, and not sigh about life, then how is life designed in the sky”,
A gentle reply “Seek the purple high in the sky, find life, and fly”
And I reply “I get it, if we all fly, then no one dies and everyone lives”,
The sky replies “Life is etched in the sky, so no matter if you die”
“You will always try and fly” I reply “I exist when I fly”
Then the sky replies “Then, you exist”

The Child’s Conspicuous Voice

Hide me, hide me
Do not find me
I’m blind
Stop showing me Signs
Glide me, glide me
To un-design
The base
Of my
Inside of me
Hide me, hide me
All of one
And then,
None and even known
Crinkle tone
Of me

Higher Calling

Soul hidden behind clouds
Vibrations lift sounds
People around
Lines zip
Further upward
In life
Human strife


Colors Dance Together

Almond feather steps inside
Salomon arctic lime grinds into a cosmic love line,
Emerald green
Autumn septic airwaves signs sonic above pines
Authentic scene- Amethyst dreams
Apple green
Celtic signs