Take my love,
To heal your inner wounds
As I release it in a long silence
Embrace what you see or feel
You’ll experience the magic
From the earth
Through me

Human Life

All -climb the wall,
Some fall,
Others stall,
Who are you inside this cry of life?


Racing the clock
Of years old socks
Win with time
By seeing the seconds and owning them
Then when a minute or hour passes
You have gained thirty seconds back into your life,
Just remember time is a number
And a symbolism in life

Soul Moving

House to house
Pillows and Blankets
Transgressions bounce
Sage willow and anxious bandits
Possessions 1 ounce
Silent mouse

Solo climb within




White hair
Glistening stair
Playful-childish care
Nurturing my soul
Claiming each scratch
Within each hair
Something happens
Old age
The last moments
Of her
Lying asleep
Broken hip
Pee’s on floor
Blankets- blood
Hours crying
For her soul to come back
After the soul
Cold and stiff
Lying helpless
Within whiteness
Of light


Whimpers under the golden sunset
Lying awake
On top of the sweetest grass beads
And scratches
Golden dawn sleeps
Echoes- whimpers dry and weep
Crying for the master
The blessings of each hair line
Of warned protection
The soul misses
This feeling
All of them


Silence portrays peace
When you sleep
In heaven
I need you
I’m seven
And never been seen
Under the stars of eleven
Take me
I need you
Take me with you
So I can see the stars
With you
Let me look down
On the earths ground
With you
I miss you
It was fifteen
Lost-gone- Betrayed
I needed you
To grow
And now my age has sown
Without you
Take me with you

Soul’s Remorse

Thy hours awaken within
Sours of beacon dens
Sensational dreams
Golden mist
Lie under my daughter’s hiss
I missed
Hours upon hours
Reckoning and damaging
The final bliss
Of thy own
Soul’s remorse
Under spells
Painful kicks

Autobiography of a Face

Translations of ancient beauty,
Erotic eye sensations and duty
Unique, as a solid
Piece of gold
Places hold
Elegance unfold
The truth
Within this face

Soul Hug

My wish for this is
To explore the depths
Of the universe bliss
To be able to receive and give
This soul hug
To all that lives