The Ballad of Meowleen the Airship Pirate, part 4

Late for the half-marathon, but sleep and soon-to-move-packing got in the way!


She soon awoke, locked in a cell
“Where is my crew!?” she loudly yelled
A mouse guard hit hear over the head
With a stick “Oh, they’re all dead.”
“And so you’ll be, lest you don’t sit still
And wait here for a while until
Our chancellor can have a word
Which she’s said might change your world.”
And suddenly, a snow-white mouse
With brocade skirts and lacy blouse
Introduced herself; “Good day, miss Cat,
I’m the chancellor, we need to have a chat.
It’s an honor to meet you, and we’re
Aboout to explain why we need you here.
We had to wait to wait you out, and look around
To learn of where you could be found
Spread rumours of a new machine
A foolproof way to lure out Meowleen!”
You see, when we first got word of you
We couldn’t believe that it was true.
In our ancient prophecy all mice have seenIt tells of you, our destined queen.”


Hm, this is going to require at least 1, probably 2 more parts. I’ll have to write them elsewhere.


The Ballad of Meowleen the Airship Pirate, part 3

The ship descended in the dead of night
But the pirates had their amber lights
They armed themselves with rayguns readySoon as the ship had landed steady
They broke in, silent as they could
To explore and steal just like they shouldStrangely, though, there were no guards
Which was quite weird, as it regards
A lab of such notorious class
With details of the finest brass
Would surely not be left unwatched
It’s almost like there was a catch
To this new oh-so easy heist
And suddenly, there was a slice!
Across the throat of Meowleen’s first mate
Soon in a messy post-life state
And she heard steps behind her back
Then suddenly, it all went black

Lopsided Green Stars

Those lopsided, green stars
Whose essence you’d collect
In the smallest places you could find
Where it wouldn’t be found

Thinking, if you got enough,

It would stop turning red
And then blue and red again
So you could become
Something else
Something new
Something past

Or just something
That really exists


Song of the Hair-Eating Cat

Verse 1:
I have a cat, I call him Bob
He is a miserable sod
And his diet’s very strange
He eats my hair
Yes, it is very strange indeed
Because when it is time to feed
Then on my shoulder he’ll be perched
To eat my hair

He eats my eyes
He eats my nose
He eats my fingers and my toes
But above and most of all
He eats my hair
He eats my arms
He eats my teeth
He eats my nipples and my feet
But above and most of all
He eats my hair

Verse 2:
And he will never hunt the rat
Although it’s nice and big and fat
But I don’t think it gives a damn
Because it’s stuffed
Maybe he’s not even a cat
He’s eating too much hair for that
I kind of think he’s just a stupid ball of fluff

Chorus repeat

Verse 3:
I feel him climbing on my back
Just like a Candiru attack
He’s leaning in and sniffs around
Then eats my hair
I never know where he is at
Just like a normal fucking cat
But when I least expect it, then
He eats my hair

He eats my hair

He eats my hair

Bellman was a stalker

(Carl Michael Bellman, 1740-1795. This is based on his style of writing.)


Till min Katarina, teatraliska diva
Till dig min vackraste dikt jag vill skriva
För ditt rödaste hårsvall och klänning så blå
Och ögonen dina så underbart fina
De lyser som sol när på scenen du stå
I staden jag ser dig, och efter dig vandrar
Det skönaste som nånsin i Stockholm mått gå
För dig jag har känslor, och endast för dig,
Och besvärligt jag har det att tygla mig
Så ljuva Katarina, min längtan, min lilja
Sök dig till mig och uppfyll min vilja
Du vet ej vem jag är men jag tror du förstår
Att jag är runtomkring dig och vet vart du bor
Så min Katarina, min vackra gudinna
Om du vill ha mig så står jag att finna
På Kungsholmsbrogatan mitt i Stockholms stad
I huset som bär upp en mörkgrå fasad
Jag väntar dig lystet, båd natt, kväll och dag
Ej att någon har åtrått dig så starkt som jag
Så min Katarina, du älskade mö
Ge mig dig hjärta så ej någon må dö.

The Ballad of Meowleen the Airship Pirate, pt. 2

One day Meowleen and her crew
Heard about a lab all new
Top-secret project of the miceSo it must be something really nice
“Fire up the engines, raise the steam!”
Was the pirates’ order from Meowleen
She waved her tail, looked at the sky
This heist would elevate her high
Among the pirates of Kittentown
Oh, if only she had known
What she soon will come to see
And everything that’s soon to be



City Haiku

Dark roads, wet with rain
Ships pass me, music floats by
Dawn will never come


Oh, I’d like to be an Atronach, I’d like it very much
For flesh would burn, and bones would freeze with everything I touch!
Ice and ashes, would the mortals be
If they should dare to mess with me
Oh, I’d like to be an Atronach, I’d like it very much.

I’d like to be a Daedric Prince, I’d like it very bad
The power that I’d have would be the most I’ve ever had!
I’d enjoy myself, and never fret
With power over life and death
Oh, I’d like to be a Daedric Prince, I’d like it very bad.

I’d like to be a Clannfear, that would be so very cool
The flesh of men and mer I’d tear with sharp claws as my tool!
Everyone else, they’d soon be dead
I’d charge into them with my head
Oh, I’d like to be a Clannfear, that would be so very cool.

I’d like to be a litte scamp, that’s what I’d like to be
Those who like to call us weak, they’d better not look down on me!
To run and hide, it will have no effect
I’d slash them when they least expect
Oh, I’d like to be a little scamp, that’s what I’d like to be.

I’d like to be a Golden Saint, I think that’d be so fine
How well that job would suit this little sadist streak of mine!
The crazies from the real world sent,
I’d punish to my heart’s content
Oh, I’d like to be a Golden Saint, I think that’d be so fine.

I’d like to be a Daedroth, that would be very fun
I’d ravage every town from Seyda Neen to Tel Aruhn!
I’m not a crocodile per se,
Having two legs leaves my sharp claws free
Oh, I’d like to be a Daedroth, that would be very fun.

I’d like to be a Xivilai, I’m sure you’d like it too
Just think of all the lovely Dark Seducers I could woo!
There’d be few opponents I can’t kill
The rest, my summoned Clannfears will
Oh, I’d like to be a Xivilai, I’m sure you’d like it too.

From Klareborgsgatan Up

When your warmth leaves me
What will I see?
Illuminated by morning light
As you ought to be
With softest skin and sharpest edge
But not with me


To gaze into those long-lashed eyes
Of warmest blue
And be shown your deepest adoration
In that rhytmic way you do
What is it that you hide in there?
I never knew

Soon you will be gone from here
Across the deep
I’ll try my best, in silence
Not to weep
You are what I will dream of
Before I sleep

Kajsa Sjunger

Kajsa sjunger om kärleken
Det är den vi ser när de bygger några meter till på murarna mot det mörka hotet.
Den vi hör när de långsamt tynar bort
Med utsträckta armar
På robotjakt

Kajsa sjunger om friheten
Den vi känner mellan nattens utmattning och mobilens vägran att pipa
Den vi känner när kortets orangea blink och arga pip bildar is i våra magar
Och gör oss fria att göra något annat istället

(Det var ett fel i systemet. Det är därför du måste dö nu. Var vänlig kontakta administratören.)

Kajsa sjunger om solidariteten
Den som förenar oss i breakdance och i filter och i klick-klick-klickande bland de randiga fanorna i precis rätt färger

Och hon sjunger om hoppet.