The Ballad of Meowleen the Airship Pirate, part 4

Late for the half-marathon, but sleep and soon-to-move-packing got in the way!


She soon awoke, locked in a cell
“Where is my crew!?” she loudly yelled
A mouse guard hit hear over the head
With a stick “Oh, they’re all dead.”
“And so you’ll be, lest you don’t sit still
And wait here for a while until
Our chancellor can have a word
Which she’s said might change your world.”
And suddenly, a snow-white mouse
With brocade skirts and lacy blouse
Introduced herself; “Good day, miss Cat,
I’m the chancellor, we need to have a chat.
It’s an honor to meet you, and we’re
Aboout to explain why we need you here.
We had to wait to wait you out, and look around
To learn of where you could be found
Spread rumours of a new machine
A foolproof way to lure out Meowleen!”
You see, when we first got word of you
We couldn’t believe that it was true.
In our ancient prophecy all mice have seenIt tells of you, our destined queen.”


Hm, this is going to require at least 1, probably 2 more parts. I’ll have to write them elsewhere.


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