Be sparing with your offering..

don’t cast pearls before swine…

Imagine a pig in pearls, sloshing in the mud completely unaware how long it took for that oyster to manifest just one bead?

I have cast plenty of pearls… One bead at a time… scattered them before those unaware of the magic they possess…

Once I have picked them all back up I’ll string them together again.


Accept The Beauty

That arises with freedom

The blessing is yours



Awakening to the freshness

I come in fully and with heart open

to this new day

giving giving giving to myself now…

this is good…



And we begin in a whole new way

Nothing will be gained from squeezing tired fruit

Allow the leaves to fall, the bark to flake and the roots to quietly continue to grow into earth

Everything is different every moment

That is the beauty of universal flow
Ah Ho


Did I just take a challenge to write a poem every hour for 24 hours?

Wow. What was I thinking!?

I do so well with a good challenge, and a challenge to write 24 poems in 24 hours takes up a lot less time than say… committing to a NaNoWriMo challenge, which takes a month of insanity…

Tried that, and got about 25K words in and am still working on that one a few years later.

I write Haiku. Not always, or exclusively, but it will help for swiftness of poetic agility.

But I love this idea and I am going to set an alarm for every hour and go! Let’s see what happens!

Ready Set GO!



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