Clean water (14 hour)

The water is redact clean and does not mean

Happy we have some to redact and clean

Thousands of redact do not have any

Story of millions of people around the redact


Drinking redact water is grace

Many have died who redact not care


Zebra cruising (13 hour)


is a pastime

for me and

do enjoy it



I would never

speed over

Zebra crossing


Or zebra cruising

as a friend


always to say



Why I do not have a closet (12 hour)

Raised in a home without closets

Strange, that

That is why I do not have a closet

Strange, fact.


Raising kids in a home

without closets

They may hate








TV Remote  (11 Hour)

TV remote commands attention of all

In a world

Millions are dying

for attention


That’s extraordinary.


TV remote is loved by all.

In a world

Love is



That’s extraordinary.


TV remote I would be

And become extraordinary.

What is Love? (10 hour)

What is love?

Living with a man who doesn’t care

Or a fat cat; or a dark dog

Is that love?


What is love?

Setting self afire

To prove love

Going on a bungee jump


Is that love?


What is love?







Bucket List (9 Hour)

She recommended beetroot for my aches

And a jacket to ward off my cold

The tremor in my heart has not ceased

She leaned on my elbow for comfort


Cinnamon for my tea

Water in a bucket

Her Tesla in my carport

This is my bucket list


Swaying to the beat (8 hour)

Bobbing my head and strike the keyboard

Writing a poem

I felt surreal

I got into the groove somehow


Eyes closed and mind opened

Struggling to write a poem

Well, it was a new experience

But it is worth it


Life has a surprise always

And you do not know its ways

Somehow, if you are open

You can find a way around the oven


I love it now

And somehow

This is it

I have been swaying to the beat


Sit back and wonder (7 hour)

Life is not hard

It is the cow

that made it so

and you believe it so too


Sit back and wonder why

It is the cow

that made it so

and no one asked why it is so


Dazed at times

at the era when

life is not hard

and fore-generations lived happily


It is hard to pin down

now or anyhow

how those of yore lived when

life is not hard.


Over the edge (6 hour)

Peeped over the edge ants streamed along the streets like giant robots

Smoke covered the surface like a huge blanket

Dots festooned with light shined like shooting stars

Heads dashing in and out of the dots like monkeys


Neck craned;

I pulled back

Too close to the edge

Only see the end.





Crime seen (5 hour)

How a headless man arrived at a compound

of a palace was a puzzle the inspector had on its plate

associates pinned the headless figure on his shoulders.

He had an altercation with the dead ahead of the deed.


The police sealed the crime scene

to prevent another crime unseen.

A witness needs must come forth

with evidence of a crime seen.


The witness emerged

Suddenly without his head

two headless effigies

suspects at large