Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Strung out on hysterics, kissing midnight

In this moonlight dancing on the red curtain, your skin, almost seems flushed with rouge

As I play your body like a violin, pluck your strings

Creating symphonies, rising above the clouds

So much

There’s just so much that I…

but I can’t

because you’re with yours

and I’m with mine

but oh the stories we could write

with sex and sweat on my ruffled bed sheets

And leave them dripping with inspiration that I could carry with me always

Unattainable we are

but on this page we are tangled, splattered

in words and wet ink

Just one more moment

is all I need

to breathe the words

“Tu me manques”

On your lips


There is a place on your chest

Carved in your breastbone

Where my head fits perfectly

as if we were meant to click

like when we first met

and I stumbled over my shoelaces

and into your arms

when my soul said to yours

“Where have you been?”

Should be

I should be writing a poem right now

But all I can think about is you

and the way your lips taste

and how bad I’m craving you

and your smell

and the way your eyes look

when you slide into my core

The wind blows and

your breathy grow echos in my ear

I let out a sigh, as I sit here

with my lips pressed between my teeth

trying to write a poem



She was the scent that lingered heavy in the air after a thick and heavy summer rain.

She was the sun that burst through the gray clouds, absorbing the moisture, she was the humidity that saturated your skin

She was the smell of perfume that clung to the fibers of your clothes.

She was all I knew, all I wanted to know

Now, She is a lingering thought at 2:37am

She was everything, and now she is nothing

Road Map

Undress me


With those amber eyes

As the hours slip away

like my clothes on the bedroom floor

take your time on my curves

get lost on them

a road map with no destination

I’ll find you

I will find you in your darkness

and resurrect your deepest fears

please love,

whisper in my ears your secrets

like black diamonds on your tongue

that I’ll unearth

hold close to me

protected forever they will be

Word Sculptor

Plucking and arranging

26 letters

Creating, merging, forming

Vowels with consonants

Building, balancing


Sculpting, forging

Poetry to be devoured

Magical Chaos

Together we tangle

in a lovers knot

your mouth hungry for my sun kissed skin

my body can’t get enough of yours

skin on skin

sparks flying

speaking in tongues

as chemicals release


into magical chaos