The Storm-Nonet Poem 12

The Storm- Nonet Poem 12


The storm at its worst was blowing across -9

The street  flooded, by the station-8

The cars moved slowly through the -7

Puddles, everywhere I saw-6

Rain drops on the roof-5

Clouds in the sky-4

Tornado -3

I see-2


@SabinahAdewole 26/06/2021


Nonet Poem -Nine line poem with a specific syllable  count for each line.

Forest Ranger -Poem 11

Forest Ranger – Poem 11



The Forest Ranger sees through the painting

On the wooden floor of the patio fainting

Music denotes his heart beat as he listens

Headphones a sign of his glisten


On the wooden floor of the patio fainting

Painted in white wash painting

Headphones a sign of his glisten

Paint brushes align the clouds of the skies



Painted in white wash painting

Strokes of perfection meet the skyscapers

Paint brushes align the clouds of the skies

Pale colours finding his fine scraper


Strokes of perfection meet the skyscapers

As he cycles with his gumboots

Pale colours finding his scraper

He beats the night with his foot


As he cycles with his gumboots

Potted plants array his spread

He beats the night with his foot

Forest Ranger is ready for his bread


@SabinahAdewole 26/06/2021

Pantoum Poem – Repeating lines throughout the poem series of quatrains

Second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated as first and third.

Holiday in December -Poem 10

Holiday in December -Poem 10


I am originally from Nigeria

Born in the UK to Nigerian Parents

Who met in London in 1960.

I am married to a Nigerian

But I am British born with Dual Nationality


We went to Nigeria for Xmas in Dec 2020

On our way back we always stop in Abudhabi

We spent few nights in Dubai and then on Xmas eve

we arrived in Abudhabi for Xmas.


My husband booked us a Xmas buffet meal in the Marriott hotel

We later went to Dubai Mall for the evening

We had been to the Village with 50 Nations

We had been on the  Safari ride Dunes

We had also been to the Burj Khalifa


So this was very Tourist like and being a muslim nation

I was surprised with the amount of decorations

We had to put on our masks

We went to the market on day one

We met with the locals and have made some friends


This was completely different to Nigeria

We spent few nights in Lagos the capital

We left for Ondo which is three hours drive

The roads were bumpy and the journey took

About six hours with so much traffic


We spent time with family- my husband is from a

Large family and has brothers and sisters abroad

We had so much food to eat and spent time with his

Mum. My daughter and son visited with us


The painting reminds me of the paintings in

The Marriott when we walk past to the lift

It also reminds me of the painting on display

In the hotel reception in Dubai

This has brought back memories for me.


But I must say I look forward to Abudhabi

I don’t really enjoy vacating in Nigeria.


@Sabinah Adewole  26/06/2021

Free prose poem.

Don,t Count your Chickens before they are hatched-Poem 9

Don’t Count your Chickens before they hatch- Poem 9


Today is the Poetry Marathon across the globe

Countries with different time zones

Participants from different countries

Have to come together for the same poetries


Have to come together for the same poetries

As Covid has still not left our midst

The Indian variant amongst us didst

Looking from afar across the sea to our territories



Looking from afar across the sea to our territories

A positive could last in the destruction

A negative could mean self -isolation

The vaccines have been our satisfaction


@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021

Bop is a form of Poetic argument consist of 3 stanzas. Each Stanza followed by a repeated line. Each undertaking a different purpose

Balloons-Love is in the air -Poem Eight

Balloons-Love is in the air -Poem Eight


Struck love for each other

Besotted to be together


A woman struck by the love of another

A woman who took her life for her lover


A man from Verona in love with a woman

Ended his life not to live without her


Dagger in the heart another in haste

Sorrow to grief the loss of his taste


A decision of sleeping  potion after a dream

Suicide her life with the dagger in her dream



@SabinahAdewole 26/06/2021


Ghazal poem originated in Arabic  while dealing with loss and Romance

5 stanzas each stanza two lines  each couplet  to stand alone every line the same length.


Normal Family -Poem Seven

Normal  Family -Poem Seven


Love has been the norm of my family

Love has kept us together as one family


Love has made us stronger as one

We portray a backbone as one

We may need to learn new ways begun


Working at home is more productive

The Red door and Yellow door to be constructive



We have been fortunate to be alive

Times waits for no one as we all have to strive


Time has continued to tick despite our year

Love has been the norm in my family


Working at home is more productive

The office  closed responds to our cause

It took a Pandemic to bring us to a halt


Unity and prayer the weapon in my home

We could not survive without faith forth my home


@Sabinah Adewole  26/06/2021


Gigan Poem- 16 lines. Lines are broken into Couplets and Tergets

Line  1 is repeated in line 11,

Line 6 is repeated in Line 11

The last couplet should give the poem a twist.

Food is Music -Poem Six

Food is Music -Poem 6


Food is the heart of the soul

Water, Sunlight, and dancing trees

Crops are the music to the soul

Hopping, back sliding with disease

Skipping, pack planting with increase

Starving, as Poverty strikes our world

Hunger, as Food banks orphan’s curled



@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021


Septet -7 Line poem first line to rhyme with third line, second line to rhyme with fourth and fifth line, Sixth and seventh line should rhyme.


A Time Capsule -Poem 5

A time Capsule- Poem 5


A living memory to carry on

When I am gone beyond

A life jacket to save me

When I fly and am no more

Horse carriage and treasures


A memory of my likes and dislikes

My ceremony of songs I like

Photos of me as a child

Memories I left for my child

White suit for my frame my child


Loving bath to relax

Breathing music to the ear

Soaking atmosphere


Bottled place of safety

My memories secure within

Sealed with love to begin

Wooden cross and charity begins

To carry on to heaven within


Angels of delight to secure

My breathe and love to despair

Gold, Jewellery to find a love to repair

Mum has gone to heaven at sheer

Hidden away to be no more


Buddhism relaxes

Lampshade a light to secure

Candlelight a pleasure



@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021


Haiburn originated in Japan combination of Prose and Haiku

Autobiography, Diary, Essay, Prose poem, Short story and travel Journal.




The Burning Forest -Poem 4

The burning Forest -Poem 4


Dear Amazon,


The amazon is on fire – world is on captor

The California fires -fire brigade protector

Animals of fire -the woman the saviour

House and families on fire- victor


Save our trees for paper

Plant a tree a day for nature

Climate is our pleasure

Nations save our creatures


Deforestation preventing wildlife

Oceans need to be protected seal life

Reduce our habitats from loss of life

Donations or adopt an animal for life


Save our forests, irreplacable

Homes for indigeneous, unforgettable

Crucial role on Planets health, irresponsible

A role for our survival, inconceivable

‘The sight of God if it neglects -brotherly love’


@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021

Credit to Leading with Love -Alexander Strauch


Epistolary Poem Verse Letter or Letter Poems form in an Epistle or Letter dates to Roman Poet in Ovid 43 BC


Ode to Freelancer Poem 3

Ode to Freelancer-Poem 3


The bridge with views

The river overlooking the green

The woodlands on the river screen

The green on the walk offscreen


The Bridge with views

Photography her passion

Vacation her progression

The rock her disillusion


The Bridge with Views

Captures the scene distance

Gives in to her acceptance

The green every relevance


The trees with distinction

The views an illusion

The image an impression

The Bridge an experimentation


@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021

An Ode celebrating a person, place, thing or idea, praising something stanza forms vary