A World Unlike Ours – Hour 23, Prompt 23

A world unlike this one

would be so much fun

i‘d name it Your Choice

and we’d all have a voice.


Money, no problem

rich or poor, all pocket none

instead of currency, we

will deem everything free.


No hunger, or thirst

food provided, no hurts

massive gardens, everywhere

and everyone shares.


Crime, bullies, none here

kindness, tolerance aware

we all smile and care

hugs always be there.


Politics, they’ll be none

no parties, but one

to be peaceful and kind

clean the air and the mind.


So soon, we will run

the next galaxy, we come

blasts a rocket of fun

to a world unlike this one.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023



Pizza Musings – Hour 22, Prompt 22

Lately, I feel

all the fighting, unreal

my toppings should not

cause friendships to stop.


There’s pineapple, whew

causes quite a to-do

arguments ensue

with spam, they say eww!


But pizza’s like people

no two the same, or equal

toppings they vary

with four cheeses, or nary.


Some people are hot

peppers sprinkle a lot

and pepperoni, to boot

keeps a dude at salute.


Some, they are tougher

cheesier, meatier

thick crust they do have

like people who’re bad.


Sweet ones, they have many

tart apples and berries

with Gouda or cheddar

these girls make it better.


In the end, they all rock

like different socks

whatever may thee choose

just do pizza for you.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023





Running (double nonet) – Hour 21, Prompt 21

Running, words jammed together in here

mind is jumbled, not very clear

four more poems, tangling hair

nouns thrown through morning air

fresh picked verbs, bulbs rare

one more poem done

bedtime, I

now need


except …

running will

never be done

three more times, more words

a million more puns, ones

my mind is afraid to wake

possible great mistake I make

in the end, I’m still writing, running.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023

Yoga break – Hour 20, Prompt 20

Yoga, meditation, too

my body needs you

hands touch the floor

stretch my brain into four

so it can think more

hour twenty is here

this ritual I hold dear

I stretch my hands high

for a metaphor of sky

then jump up three times

to catch some more rhymes

four more squats

turn my words hot

down dog pose I do

thus onomatopoeia, too

when poem is through

a tree pose is due

then bed, I heart you.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023


Ratatouille (a nonet) – Hour 16, prompt 16

Sliced tomatoes, zucchini, squash, we

in circles, patterns numbered three

red, yellow, green, bake and boil

drizzled with olive oil

olive, garlic, see

finish thee

a treat



– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023


Poetry room – Hour 19, Prompt 19

The room is a blur

my thoughts are a-stir

the lizards are monsters

their cages mid-whir.


Coffee, poetry mix

doing lots of cool tricks

words jumping off pages

into canine cages.


The dogs are loose, too

this place is a zoo

my dwarf frogs grow big

like fat little pigs.


My green shamrock tree

stuck in March will it be

till December, you see

I missed holidays three.


My coffee is gone

poems, now strong

not inarticulately

pets now asleep

I write just for me.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023


Baby talk – Hour 15, Prompt 15

She’s singing again

why can’t she understand me?

I know the others need her, three

but more so do I

so I get louder, why?

But need is in order

please pick me up

I’m more important

ah, I like that song

calm down, not for long

and that elephant sound

my screams, they will drown

goodie, my turn

a bottle, I earn

and her smiling face

my yells are erased

a cuddle or two

a whispered coo

rocking, swaying

I forget why

I cried.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023


Haunted Home (back and forth nonets) – Hour 18, Prompt 18



a whisper

wafts against skin

tendrils of white, within

a scent mirrors death, old

shivering begins in mold

a flash, something dark lay beyond

something brittle and twisted, lurks on

deeper, a feeling of fear hangs

alone, the heart triple bangs

dread, it’s covered in red

mouth gapes, eyes awake

a last mistake

your soul, will

haunt this



– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023








Kaleidoscope World (acrostic) – Hour 17, Prompt 17

Kaleidoscope shines

A world rainbow bright

Lovely, happy light

Evening’s a sight

In sunset, refracted

Diamonds bow in reverence, impacted

Over its fractal beauty

Shining o’er hill, faceted lakes

Covered in color, no shadows we make

Our skies, all aglitter

People, all blinged

Earth a prism, reimagined.

– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023



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