Pizza Musings – Hour 22, Prompt 22

Lately, I feel

all the fighting, unreal

my toppings should not

cause friendships to stop.


There’s pineapple, whew

causes quite a to-do

arguments ensue

with spam, they say eww!


But pizza’s like people

no two the same, or equal

toppings they vary

with four cheeses, or nary.


Some people are hot

peppers sprinkle a lot

and pepperoni, to boot

keeps a dude at salute.


Some, they are tougher

cheesier, meatier

thick crust they do have

like people who’re bad.


Sweet ones, they have many

tart apples and berries

with Gouda or cheddar

these girls make it better.


In the end, they all rock

like different socks

whatever may thee choose

just do pizza for you.


– Sandra Johnson, 9-3-2023





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