24. The View from my Window

The birds have gone to sleep
There is no moon to behold
I hear a distant sound of a dog barking
And the sudden rush of a car passing by
In case you’re wondering where I’m at
In Malaysia my lovelies where dusk has arrived
And midnight beckons
Adieu to you and you till next year we meet again
Thank you to you and you
May the day be filled with good cheer
And the bed filled with awesome dreams
Thank you and Good night!

23. Now that you’re gone

Our chats on long boring days
About nothing and everything
Me impatient, you ever the story teller
Never thought a time would come
When I longed for one more story, one more impossible dream
It was, it is too much to bear

22. The Master and the Maid

Still she stood as the master ordered
Her helper’s overalls were exchanged for a black revealing gown
Bought from the Maiden Fair store
Her master was an artist
Everyone knew him
She was privileged to work for him they said
She wondered what the privilege was
To stand for hours in a dress she was coerced to wear
First with bribes, then threats
She succumbed; she had brothers and sisters to feed
She stood with rage running through her veins
Be still, don’t shake he said
She stood still, planning in her head
On how to purchase
The powder they said that can’t be detected
When given in small amounts over a long period of time
A tiny smile appeared on her face
He captured it succinctly though not knowing why

21. He that cannot be named

Biggest, really?
Most popular, right
The most successful, sure
Lies, embellishment
Not the end yet but covfefe?!

20. Wild Sea Mammals

They line up along at the shallow waters of the sea
They come sharp at 4 in the afternoon
They know if they come up to the humans,
They’ll get a fish
This goes on for an hour or so
Who trained them, no one knows
But they’re there everyday
Come rain or shine
The Dolphins in Tangalooma are considered wild
But how wild can you be when you check in at 4pm daily.

19. Peace in Space

She came here to quiet her mind
After every round of gathering with the humans
Humans were so noisy
Here alone with the light emanating from all around
She could still her thoughts
And take it all in
And reenergize her depleted supply
No one knew this place
She used her mind to get here
She was fortunate that Antares
Had taught her such things as travelling to spaces
Beyond the earth’s realm
To meditate, replenish, and relax

18. Tea

“Tea, Please,” he ordered.
She thought it unusual that someone as rugged looking
As him ordering tea
She followed him with her eyes as he sat in the middle of the cafe
at a table meant for two
She must have stared too long or too hard
For he looked right into her eyes and smiled
She quickly looked away as she was accustomed to
Then she looked up again and this time smiled back
And mouthed the words
“I see you”

17. Lost

She lost her innocence that day they said
That day in the dark when her closest friend
Pushed her to try it just once
She didn’t lose it that day and
She wasn’t as innocent as people thought she was
In fact, she knew things about things only whispered in the dark
She lost everything that day they said
She did lose everything but it wasn’t that day
It was the day her brother stepped into her room
When he thought she was fast asleep.

15. Footprint in the Sand

There’s a footprint on the ground
By the jungle near the sea
It’s ten feet long and two feet wide
People come from everywhere just to see
This giant footprint on the ground
Some say it’s from the time when Giants roamed the earth
And some say it’s from Hanuman, the Warrior Monkey
Who saved the wife of the great god Krishna
For now it remains a mystery and a wonder to see
This Footprint on the Sand
And the story that must end

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