In the In Between

Here is the place in the in between

Where hardened trees guard the softness of hearts

Where moonlight traces a satin screen

And time casts its questioning shadow


Here is the place in the in between

Where feelings pause in the dew of dampened dreams

Where the past taps a desperate reminder it’s here

And what will be hovers in a hopeful haze


Here is the place in the in between

Where tepid souls breathe a placid peace

Where paths fuse in a canary coloured hue

And the guidance of grace is granted



So nice to be back!

Hi fellow Poetry Marathoners! Siobhan here! I am so thrilled to be joining all of you very special, creative poets for another writing adventure. It has been a busy year setting up my english teaching home office and adding a new addition to our little family, a beautiful calico kitty named Willow. I have made sure to stock up on some healthy snacks for our writing day and will pace myself, stopping for stretching throughout the day. I wish you all a most peace filled and fulfilling marathon. Happy Writing!!😁💖

Good Luck and Happy Writing Fellow Poets!!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Siobhan and I am a marathoner from Canada. I love poetry as it is my solace, strength, refuge, passion and privilege. I am a devoted single Mom to a wonderful daughter as well as a pet Mom to a delightful dog, a happy hamster and fabulous fish! I am honored and thrilled to be able to sit and write with you all tomorrow but also to walk through the open door of your art. I am so grateful! Have a blast Everyone!