13 – desolate

she shook, a mournful cry from her throat

her barren landscape laid bare

her song wandering a stark

vision of her future, a

melancholy wind echoing

her dismal story, a future that

holds her gloomy shadow

in its grim grasp.

11 – i love you.

Dear Sandra,17,

I love you, I wish I could tell you to be different, to be braver, to believe in yourself, l don’t want us to live through the pain, but we must for that is how we learn, we grow, how we become me, and l promise in the end you where always exactly who you needed to be, to become the women I am today.




thank you xxxx


10 – dawn

I watch the night, the last concrete piling aging like a book shelf, telling fisherman’s tales

the fog settling in my bones, I love tis hour, the hush hour, before the world wakes,

though it is damn cold and a warm coffee from the last canteen standing, the

moonbeam its lettering tattered fading from sight, rouses my mind,

the ships rock in their slumber dreaming of the dock, piles of metal rods and

fir trees wait to journey to foreign lands.

9 – nest – (inga simpson)

your bones hollow, dressed in your prettiest threafds

waiting for the return of the fallen

memories collected around your heart

a soft place to rest

a home hoarded, from other discarded lives

distain at your ramshackle life

but you alone have woven hope from death.

8 – journeys

she roamed the mornings alone

over sand and weed and stone

along the lines of the wandering tides


she spent the nights in this arms

for his warm breath on her hear

to protect her from nightmares


as she journeyed between worlds.




7 – wolves

jump – wriggle – stretch – run

along overgrown mountain tracks

run down city streets

over an under, but never around

muscles ripple, hunger found

jump – wriggle- stretch – run

like you remember how to be free

like you remember how to see



6 – cavern

I roam,

the edges of this small cavern,

my hands running along the damp walls

I sit alone in this crowded room,

the chatter deafening,

words bouncing,

thoughts screaming,

then I forget and all is quiet,

sleeping in my prison..


5 – the flood

the rain,

just didn’t stop


surrounding us,

sea and river

joining to lap at my doorstep

we huddled,

seeking warmth,

side by side

wind pounding walls,

the house drowning in its fury


falling into the darkest night.