Dearest Love,

I can never quite find the words, that my heart wants me to say, they seem to get stuck somewhere so very far away, I call to them with my memory, I try to cox them out with love but alas they are still hidden away.

I wish time was endless, oh wait l guess it is, it is our bodies that are born to decay our time in sun so brief yours left a little sooner than I could ever bare, to me you were still a child learning to breath the air, l guess I need to hold you, even though you are wisp, a song without instrument, a breath without heart., love without tomorrow, a kiss trapped in my dreams.

Dearest love, I miss you, I want hold you in my arms, your grave has grown wild flowers that have a little charm, l pick them every spring and bring them to my room, on the pillow beside me I let them release their seed, their scent reminds of the perfume your wore behind your ear, goodnight my love, l will never say goodbye, for one day l will join you in you castle in the sky,


Yours always, Sand.

H.3 – Breathe

My heart is a little weary.

Broken down and afraid.

It has lost the will to fight

On for another day.

It is slowing, like a calm sea.

No wind left in its sales.


No life is a life without air

No life is a life without air.

No life is a life without air,


It began to brake so slowly.

One beat at a time,

When love took a walk

Of the cheating kind.

It couldn’t believe the lies.

That fell from your lips.

That hid in your eyes.

Betrayed it started to die.


No life is a life without truth,

No life is a life without truth.

No life is a life without truth.


I tried to glue it with hope.

I tried ti stitch it with fear.

I tried to jump start it with lust.

But none of it stopped the pain.

That had shattered it like glass.

So l, let rest in peace.


No life is a life without you.

No life is a life without you.

No life is a life with out you.



H.2 – Tranquillity

1, A long walk, a meander, slowly from lust to love.

2, First light, drenching the morning in hope.

3, Wind dancing in tree tops to a song written in the stars

4, Sunrising above wild seas, bathing the morning in gold.

5, Spread all  on earth, rest your body against its skin

breathe deeply in – out – in – out – in – out – in – out


She’s all hair and brains selling

hunger to sweet young minds


Teasing, tempting hot young

bodies, wet and thirsty on the

dance floor.


Notes pounding through her

through them, a rhythm stretching

between lips, syncing.


Stretched and snipped, holding

youth in a jar, pointing her chest

out into the stars.

24 – rebel yell

she ran when others walked,

she danced alone, a storm on the dance floor

she was more than rebel, she was the wind

a wild flower, expelling her seeds to roam the earth

an ocean wrapped in skin

let the world try to define her,

to box her

civilisation was a prison

she walked out of.

23 – winters daughter

  1. rain sprinkled earth, wet and creamy between my fingers, the metal trolley that held my plaster dressed body, heavy on my small arms, muscles growing,
  2. scars caved into the weakness, always slow, always alone, mind wanders into places a good set of legs would never go, fingers imagine stories,
  3. dont wriggle, sit still, cross your legs, it doesn’t hurt, always distracted, always pain, thoughts jumble, tears hot, anger grows
  4. always walking, slow but steady, mile upon mile, to the secret places, up trees laughing with kookaburras, mooing with cows, flying with swans,
  5. words trip and tumble on the page, little tales, belonging to pictures, the silk bird, pirates and seamaids, dreams of escape loneliness.

22 – in the cracks

deep in the concrete jungle,

there is a small oasis

hidden in the courtyard of aging hotel,

a forgotten service entrance,

cracked sidewalk,

seeds blown

caught in the crevice’s

dust gathered by rain,


roots growing down,

limbs shooting up,

a nest


a leaky pipe,

a small lake,

flowers bloom



the sweet nectar,

a hive,

a little jungle

that no one sees.

21 – platypus

I splash, l dive, l tumble

swimming up the cool stream

my beak digging into mud,

foraging for a yabby lunch,

I nest in my burrow,

away from the sun

I am rather adorable

unique as they come



20 – love song

my heart walks thee down by the shore

our hands barley meet as in the evening we stroll

following lines discarded by sea, shells, weeds, broken knees

I wonder why, we go so slow, in this lonely hopeless space.

the shanty’s stench flows down in rivers golden brown

to meet the waters and kill the fish,

the miasma is quite remis,

save me ,save me. from this stench

take me, take me, to the tavern,

let us drown in your poison,

in your poison, let us sink

for we are an awkward match

gifted by aristocracy, cousins

by one parent and an uncle by the other

a repulsive discourse,

making us shudder.