7 – my maze –

My echoes called in on the way to yesterday

I think the pretty little verses have gone and lost their way,

if you find them hanging out, don’t let them stop and play,

send them home immediately so l can rest today.






I am a song, l dance along, l play inside your head, come chase my lonely tune.

I am a dream , a quiet place to be, in the darkness of the night, a lonely friend to sleep beside until the morning arrives,

I have walked a winding road, from the beginning until the end, a journey that has suited me for l am without a friend, it is a rambling way to go but pretty on the eye, so tip your cat cordially if you pass me by,

– s.j.duncan –

5 – sundays –

I’d say it was my quiet place, but it was so full of life.

the wind singing through the gums, the gentle rhythm of the cattle calling their young

the whoosh of wings gliding through the canopy, my breath echoing against my chest.

 Magpies warbling, a gang of opportunists,

and the laughter of the kookaburras, made the wild paddock the last pocket of bush,

this place of my spirit, my home,


– s.j.duncan –


I rush to your grave.

A fool looking for love.

That can never come again.

I kiss your cold lips, goodbye.


The sky has cried its coldest rain.

I kiss your cold lips goodbye.

I cover your face in a shroud of love.

Then a river of mud fills the land.


I spend the night dreaming of love.

That can never come again.

I try to move on.

but your ghost lingers on.


I watch yesterdays stars.

A fool looking for love.

As l watch it dance away.

In the arms of deaths, the end.

– s.j.duncan –


3 – moth –

Fire dances from his fingertips,

laughter crackles from his throat

and l am drawn, a fool to his flame.

when I wake, I am scorched,

a prisoner wrapped in darkness,

without stars to light the way.

– s.j.duncan –

2 – touch-

My eyes follow, watching the places my breath craves,

hungers to brush as it whispers from my lips.

I take you home in my dreams,

caressing your skin, laughing at our need.

yet I stand across a crowded room and love,

doesn’t know my name.


  • s.j.duncan –

1 – life –

This earth, she burns my feet

she swallows me in her endless seas

she spews me, fire heated and flowing.

I push my snake like body to the ocean

I rest, l grow, l sleep, I am time becoming history.

She sings to me, a murmur against my skin,

and l fly a spirit in her wind, dive, drift, flow.

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