8 – journeys

she roamed the mornings alone

over sand and weed and stone

along the lines of the wandering tides


she spent the nights in this arms

for his warm breath on her hear

to protect her from nightmares


as she journeyed between worlds.




7 – wolves

jump – wriggle – stretch – run

along overgrown mountain tracks

run down city streets

over an under, but never around

muscles ripple, hunger found

jump – wriggle- stretch – run

like you remember how to be free

like you remember how to see



6 – cavern

I roam,

the edges of this small cavern,

my hands running along the damp walls

I sit alone in this crowded room,

the chatter deafening,

words bouncing,

thoughts screaming,

then I forget and all is quiet,

sleeping in my prison..


5 – the flood

the rain,

just didn’t stop


surrounding us,

sea and river

joining to lap at my doorstep

we huddled,

seeking warmth,

side by side

wind pounding walls,

the house drowning in its fury


falling into the darkest night.



4 – closing

she lay, a hill in the half light

an echo of laughter creased her brow

a rag crumpled, against the wooden floor

lips parted

a drop of blood kissing the still soft strands of hair

dressed in the memory of a mothers love, knit one pearl one

a tear stain, left drying on her check

the last thought of a life



3 – the office

rattle, tick, hum, tock.

the air stale, tinged by a hint of decay.

crackle, spit, embers pop.

a chorus of motors hum, my ears cry,

it quietens slowly, softly, ssh.

2 – wings

her wings sing as she hovers by my shoulder.
music dancing on my skin.
our hearts visit the winds memories.
wings beating, air rushing though my hair, tangled.
I float
I am a dream caught in the wrong body.

1 – I am

I am, winters sharp tongue, its Icey stare, full of rain.

I am, springs first kiss, its bloom, its heartbeat.

I am, summers smile, lingering on loves lips, the age of consent.

I am ,autumn crinkling beneath your feet, whispering in shadow, memories.

I am, beginning, blood, cells, lightening

I am, ending, earth, decay, hunger.



24 – night-

I see little until my eyes adjust,

a sprinkle of tiny stars not hidden

behind the heavy winter clouds,

the moon, fat and round today

shinning a gloomy green from

behindĀ  clouds, limbs bouncing

in the wind, leaves swaying,

the glintĀ of light of a tin roof,

possums running along the back

fence, then the wind drops and

all seems still.



23 – fingernails-

Distance is a bridge we can never cross,

memory the only place we survive,

the hunger in your eyes, echoed by mine,

our surrender complete, then fate

dealt her hand, I remain an echo walking

through years and you dust turning to land.