Little Things

I glance outside as I pass the sliding glass door.

I see the gazebo, the grass, the windmill.

I seek out the sunflowers, for now there are two;

And my Rose of Sharon opened up today.


Clouds are sparse, the sky so blue.

No noisy neighbors mowing…yet.

Ever so gently the wind blows;

The birds sing.  Summer has arrived.

Queue Don Williams

Prompt 2, Hour 2

Write a poem about magic. Magic as something real, magic as something imagined, magic in a fictional setting, magic in an urban situation, it can be about how children perceive the world as magic, or possibly magic, anything really. The word magic need not be mentioned, but it can be.



I don’t believe in magic and what some call fate

I don’t believe in knocking on wood

Nor crossing myself three times

I don’t believe that seeing a black cat brings me bad luck

Nor does spilling the salt


I don’t believe in wishing on a star

I don’t believe in curses, spells, or voodoo dolls

Nor karma righting all wrongs

I don’t believe Friday the Thirteenth is worse than any other day

Nor is Halloween a night for the dead to celebrate


I don’t believe staying healthy will add years to my life

I don’t believe eating an apple each day keeps the doctor away

Nor do I believe there isn’t a cure already for cancer

I don’t believe an annual mammogram is necessary

Nor do I need a yearly colonoscopy


I believe you can love more than one at a time, although not very well

I believe in love that never dies, that distance doesn’t separate

And I believe there are those who fall in love at first sight

I do believe in making every moment count

And I believe that love truly does conquer all


I’m Really Not Twelve

I am a lover not a fighter

I am one who cannot boast of fame

I am a poet and a writer

I am one who the world tried to tame


I am not to be taken lightly

Nor am I one to be overlooked

I cling to words and hold them tightly

Read my stories, I hope you’ll be hooked!

Stef with an “f”

Hello, fellow writers!  I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Stefanie. You can call me Stef but when you notate me please please please spell my name correctly. It’s the only thing I can really call mine. Plus, it rhymes.  Stef with an f.  Easy, right?

Currently I am involved in a writing group, known as Foothills Writers. We meet each Wednesday for several hours as we endeavor to complete works that maybe have sat on the shelf for too long. Or perhaps timing has been off.  Nonetheless, we’ve decided now is the write time.

My husband recently retired. We are both 55 years of age. We have three grandsons whom we love dearly. We are finding what living is like on the slower side. You know, the kind where life doesn’t pass you by and you wonder where it all went but rather the kind where you sit. You ponder. You just be.

I look forward to the new challenges writing presents.  As I near the finish line for completion of my first planned published book, I am approaching it with caution and care.  What if no one reads me?  What if my stories aren’t as great as I believe them to be?

I also have a blog on Facebook: Wandering Through The Bible.  On June 19, it will be six years old.  Check it out!  I welcome new followers.

This is me in a nutshell. I hope the experience of joining this poetry marathon broadens my horizons and challenges me to stretch out in areas that previously I have not tried before. I also look forward to reading from others and being inspired by them.