Even though you left #16

I always loved you daddy even though you left us, while I was young,

As I was growing up, I always got some what high strung,

I would blame my lovely mother, for you not being around,

For it was with her sister, where love you have found.

I could not understand why , when she looked like my sweet mom,

Did I do something, or was it because of who I came from?

My mom did love you so much, you broke her heart in two,

You tore to girls apart, when you left thinking about you.

Years have gone by now daddy, and now we don’t even talk,

I never gave up on you daddy, yet from me again you walk,

Did you ever love me, I always believed you did you know,

I thought it was your wife that hated me, that is why you had to go.

Now it has been four years since I have even heard your voice,

Some days it kills me, knowing that it truly is your choice,

Not only did you walk away from me out of anger but my children too,

You have taught me that men, are heartbreaking and what they’ll put me through.

I wish you the best daddy, but I almost lost my son a month ago,

So I am very sorry, but a relationship goal with you, I have to let go,

You have denied us for almost 5 years now, I have almost had myself hung,

I have always loved you daddy even though you left us, while I was young.

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