#4- Always Mine




High above the Council Hall,

The golden clock began to chime the hour.

As if the world didn’t care for her,

As if the world didn’t ache for her loss.

My eyes brimming with tears,

As my heart tries to cope with what I’d seen,

A small whimper as my hand reaches my face,

Trying to push the sobs inside me.

I hold her in my arms,

Her head heavy in my lap,

Heavier than she’d been,

Like the soul leaving her had burdened her.

I brush her hair away from her face,

Willing her to come back to me,

Can’t imagine a life without her,

A life without my dear little sister.

The anger bubbling inside me,

Shaking my ever steady hand,

I pray and I pray and I pray,

But I feel my prayers going up in smoke.

I plead her to open her eyes again,

I beg her to stay by my side,

I feel the light go out of me,

I’m alive but I’m dead inside…



FIRST LINE TAKEN FROM THE LAST LINE OF “Lord of Shadows” by “Cassandra Clare”.


#3- The story never ends

I write a story,

My mind coming up with thoughts,

Stitching them all together,

Putting together the individual sheets.

I write the story,

Finally giving a home,

To all the orphaned objects in my mind,

Binding the papers into signatures.

I write the story,

My mind reaching far and wide,

Connecting distant ports,

Binding the signatures with thread.

Or does the story write me?

Each word I write,

Changing the lattice of my mind,

Binding the finished book with a hard cover


#2- Her and Me

She didn’t think twice,

If I deserved all the love,

That she was sending my way,

That she was spending so generously.

She loved me for who I was,

Why do I need a mirror when I have her,

Her eyes reflecting my face in the sunshine,

My mind wondering who shone better,

Her or the sun.

Put me above herself,

Her joy when she saw me,

Convincing me I was worth more than I was.

The best face to look at,

After a long day of waiting.


In all of her glory,

Tail wagging,

Heart soaring,

Mind brimming with thoughts,

Of her and her alone.




The circle’s endings and beginnings (reverse poem)


Peace and quiet.

They’re anything but,

The raging storm that breaks through a ship.

They’re the grand culmination that completes your journey.

I would be lying if I ever dared to say to you that,

I hate them with my whole heart.

I adore them so.

I look in the mirror as I lie that,

Endings are just chaos and fire reigning the town,

Bringing the circle to a close.

But a circle does not end,

But a circle does not begin,

Sketching the first dot of the circle.

Mishaps and everyone finding their footing.

I’d be lying if I say that beginnings are only,

Small gasps of surprise and happiness.

They’re taxing and eating through your soul.

They aren’t just the first thing that comes to mind that,

They’re the adrenaline keeping you young.

Leaving your comfort space you call home.

They’re anything but,

Peace and quiet.


NOW READ IT BACKWARDS! It’s a reverse poem.


Playlist for you!


This is Thryaksha. I’m a first time poetry marathoner! Really excited. I made a playlist for this event, so I’m just posting this here, and if someone wants to collaborate on the playlist with me, just hit me up!