#14- Little Minds

Little people running around,

Chasing each other shrieking.

Remember being that little,

Remember the world revolving around you?

Big hopes in their little minds,

Imaginations vast but small at the same time.

A little universe around each of them,

The planets and moons forming halos.

The world, so different,

From that little height.

Emotions so intense,

Blacks and whites, no greys.

A burning curiosity,

To know, know, and know,

The need for affection,

The need to stay close.

Big ideas in their little minds,

Spectacular memories they might not remember,

Paving the way for the whole of their lives,

As they chase each other, shrieking…


#13- But I…

Why is my crown so garish,

With spikes and thorns and so,

My face rotting and disintegrating,

My eyes the colour of blood.

Why am I dressed in capes,

And long gowns kissing the floor,

The grey faded and old,

A rusty scythe in my clutches.

Just a girl in jeans,

My sweatshirt with ridiculous text,

Eyes the colour of coffee,

A crown that keeps falling off my head.

Why do you love Life so much,

And hate me so much,

After all, I’m her twin,

But my job is taking lives…


#12- Calm (nonet)

The music plays softly in my room

As I sit swaying in the dark

Eyes looking out the window

Contentment in my soul

A smile on my face

Perfect sunrise


I feel



#11- The beauty of an ink blot

Straight lines and precise curves,

The intricate crosses in it,

Not crossing in any other way,

Not a scratch out of place.

Blocks and shades,

Within the lines,

Out of the box,

But still within the lines.

Controlling every move I make,

Making sure its picture perfect,

Art, abstract,

But only my version of it.

I’m holding on to the reins,

So tightly my hands hurt.

Never willing to lose even a smidge,

Of the control I’m clutching on to.

The art still beautiful,

Taking its own course,

Growing by itself,

Letting it lead me in the dark.

But I hate the dark,

I love knowing,

No, I can’t do it,

I clutch the reins harder…


#10- Snowfall

I’ve always wanted to see snow,

To be in its cold embrace,

To watch as it falls around me,

My presence not getting in the grand way of things.

Appreciate every single flake,

For being so uniquely itself,

Yet looking so beautiful,

When it melds in with its brethren.

I’ve wanted to stretch my hand out,

Watch as it lands in my palm,

Feel how soft Mother Nature can be,

Yet feel the power of her might.

Decorating the trees and roofs,

Never mind if its one of her own,

As we put up lights on all of them too,

Her children and ours melding into each other.

The beauty of the snow,

And her dance as she falls,

Remaining as beautiful as she is,

Not minding if we’re there to see…


#9- Happiness Pool

My hands holding the rim of the pool,

My feet swaying in the blue depths,

The water lapping against me,

My eyes kissing the horizon.

Stories above the rest,

Looking at the city from my vantage,

A sense of satisfaction engulfing me,

As I look back at all I’ve done.

Proud of all the hard work,

And the energy I put in,

Proud of all I’ve achieved,

And the levels I’ve reached.

So important to take a deep breath,

And appreciate all you have,

Show your gratitude,

For all the good things in life.

A smile smoothens on my features,

As I take in the view around me,

Feeling at peace with who I am,

With who I one day hope to be…



#8- A Rowling Stone Gathers No Moss

Cupboards and spiders,

Screaming and fighting,

All of a sudden, I’m eleven,

There’s magic.

A big scary man and a secret train station,

A red headed boy and a little know it all.

Four houses to belong to,

A talking hat that decides my way,

My history unfolding,

My name, a symbol.

The wind in my hair,

As I take flight on my broom,

A teacher who hates me,

A little more than a little hate?

A secret door with a guard dog,

Many attempts to break in.

Saving the school,

Saving the world,

Little Harry Potter,

Saving since forever.



#7-What’s Normal?

Her whole life,

Every breath she takes,

She wants to change what’s normal,

She wants to change what’s accepted.

She wants people to feel like home,

No matter who they love,

No matter who they want to be,

No matter who they are.

She wants a world where she can be herself,

And have no one question her twice,

She wants a world where she can be herself,

Out in glory and in pride.

She wants a world where is love is wild,

Hate not quite so normal,

She wants a world where the ‘most superior species’,

Accept nature for who she is.

She wants people to be themselves,

She wants happiness in the air,

She wants the world to love her,

As much as she loves the world back


#6- The City and I

Cold and warm at the same time,

My blankets heating the ice in me,

Seeing only the black behind my eyes,

As I pull the hoodie closer to me.

The car my little home,

Like a tortoise carrying my home around,

The comfort of it soothing me,

Like a warm bear hug.

My sleeve stretched to my palm,

I wipe the glass before me,

I lie back down in my cocoon,

My eyes unfocused on the scene before me.

The whole city in front of me,

Whispered in my ear conspiratorially,

Unravelling itself in front of me,

Telling me all of its secrets.

The thermos in my hand,

As I sip my hot chocolate,

I whisper back to the city,

Telling it all my secrets…


#5- T (cr) ime Capsule

A new house,

A new beginning, I think.

New memories to make,

New stories to tell.

My toe hits an uprooted tile,

Bending down, I look to see what that is.

A little hiding place,

From when the house was someone else’s home.

A tin can,

My hand closes upon the lid,

The rust brushing onto my fingers,

As the tin sits opened again.

A little locket,

A little note,

A little knife,

A little vial.

My heart skips a beat,

As I take in what was someone else’s memories,

A smile stretching across my face,

I roll open the note.

“I did it”, it reads,

“I killed him.”, he confessed.

“My little secret”

Now not just yours I thought.

A little locket that was around someone’s neck,

A little knife that was around their neck,

A little vial filled with the blood from their neck,

I stand shook with the tin in my hand…