Always you

Always know my darling…
I will always choose you over everything

And wherever you are
And whoever you are with

I will always and forever
Love you.

Never was

When you said you loved only me
I held on to your words and to you

When you said you lost me
I blamed myself and I let you go

When you held her and vowed to love her

I knew then…
You never loved me
You never lost me

Because you were never there at all.


Data processed by the brain
Encoded, stored and can be corrupted

Memoris of you…
Data my brain is unwilling to process
Decompressed, unaccessible and wiped.

Dreaming of you

Once upon a dream
I saw you
On the museum steps

Once upon a reverie
I walked to you
On the catheral aisle

The dream ends
I am me
You are you
We are three thousand miles apart.

In peace

I used to

Dwell in the hate
That it consumed me

Depend on nice words
That it inflated me

Until th venom
Crushed me
And the ego
Shattered me

I am…

At peace.

Happy endings

I had my dreams
Snatched and broken
I had my heart
Crushed and turned to dust
Yet I still hope
For a happy ever after.


Random thoughts
They eat into your consciousness
They gnaw at your conscience
They make you face a life you have left behind
They make you own up to mistakes you have forgotten

Random thoughts
They intrude
They annoy
They leave you restless

For reform
For justice

I go on

Thrown in for a loop
I was

I believed
I trusted
I loved

I was denied
I was destroyed
I was broken

Yet, I still flourish.

The fight

To be enveloped
In a tornado of anger

To be sweeped
Into a storm of rage

To be thrown
Into a diluge of wrath

I drowned
I groped
I gulped

I fought to be alive.

Am I?

The looks,
It stabs
It kills

It tells
That I am nothing
Or am I?

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