i awoke to find

…that I am no longer

part of the laughter

part of thr tears

part of your life

No us

Thre is nothing left

all have been depleted

There is no you

there is no me

there is only an empty, barren world




And gave it up

she wept the unshed tears of moths ago

she poured the unspent pain of many moments

she relinquised the love that was in her heart

on that one single moment

she took out the most precious thing that she had

and gave it up

And we are not

we always go back

to the point in time

when everything crashed

when we ignored the clashes

and kept on going

as if we were immortals

and we are not


And we learned of finalities

not in the goodbyes

not in the farewells

no, we learned of finalities

beacause we loved

because we felt

because we hoped

No turning back

how do you go back to the old thread of life

…when there is nothing to go back to

…when everything has moved forward

and left you

One weekend

We gazed at each other and felt love

In that faraway island with white sandy beaches

And swaying coconut trees


We poured out each other’s emotion

Cocooned ourselves with promises

And planned our life of forever


We gazed at each other

As the faraway island with white sandy beaches

And swaying coconut trees

…faded from our sight


And we faded from each other’s life.

What we meant to each other

You decided without consulting

You judged without hearing

You walked away as if I meant nothing


I was left with questions

I felt unlovable and worthless

You meant everything to me

Our Love

My love for you is like a stormy sea

Raging, howling, unrelenting

Willing to see it through into eternity


Your love for me is like a placid lake

Quiet, languid, restful

Unhurriedly seeking the route to forever


We clashed

We battled

We wrestled


And we embraced each other’s wholeness

What could be

I felt it!

I am not insensitive

I knew it!

I am not clueless

But I chose to ignore it

Because I did not want to assume


You hinted!

You pursued!

You never said a word

But believed that I did not care

Because you assumed my silence meant no


I waited

You walked out

And now we are both miserable

Because we now know that our love

Shall never be