One weekend

We gazed at each other and felt love

In that faraway island with white sandy beaches

And swaying coconut trees


We poured out each other’s emotion

Cocooned ourselves with promises

And planned our life of forever


We gazed at each other

As the faraway island with white sandy beaches

And swaying coconut trees

…faded from our sight


And we faded from each other’s life.

What we meant to each other

You decided without consulting

You judged without hearing

You walked away as if I meant nothing


I was left with questions

I felt unlovable and worthless

You meant everything to me

Our Love

My love for you is like a stormy sea

Raging, howling, unrelenting

Willing to see it through into eternity


Your love for me is like a placid lake

Quiet, languid, restful

Unhurriedly seeking the route to forever


We clashed

We battled

We wrestled


And we embraced each other’s wholeness

What could be

I felt it!

I am not insensitive

I knew it!

I am not clueless

But I chose to ignore it

Because I did not want to assume


You hinted!

You pursued!

You never said a word

But believed that I did not care

Because you assumed my silence meant no


I waited

You walked out

And now we are both miserable

Because we now know that our love

Shall never be




I turned away from you




I ran away from you


You followed me

You begged forgiveness

You promised to love me


You erased all the hurt

You fixed the brokenness

You made me believe in us


And I relented.


You walked into my life

And brought love back into it


My heart flourished and swooned

And dreamed of forever


You walked out of my life

And left despair in it


My heart broke into a million slivers

And it will never be whole


Until you come back

When love left

The glass dome in the garden shattered

The way my heart shattered when you left


The garden where in the days gone by

Saw two hearts find love in each other


The love which drew into a simmer

And went cold in the end


Happy thoughts eluded her

In the melee of rejoicing


The colors that surrounded her

Turned gray as it touched her


She felt like a misnomer

In a sea of uniformity


Nothing could break her out of the gray


Until she let herself be swallowed

By the grayness

And drowned into oblivion

Coming to and end

In the early morning light

I stood on the cobblestone street

In the middle of the old city

Visiting ghosts


As the sun rose

The shadows shifted and mingled

The wind picked up and howled


I stood in the middle of the cobblestone street

In the old city hounded by ghosts swirling with the wind

And I felt nothing.


I felt nothing

No sour taste behind my throat

No constriction in my aorta


I was numbed

I did not feel the cold air, the freezing rain, the blistering sun

I just stood there waiting for death to come


You said goodbye and walked

Into the fading afternoon sun


I stood looking at you hoping

That you will turn back


But you continued on until

You disappeared from my sight


I moved away with not

A tear in my eye


Life will go on, we will go on

Only, in separate ways