That hour is upon me #12

that hour is upon me now
I stayed true to myself
almost finished with final words
what an amazing time it was

this cannot be taken from me
I showed my work and maybe some ability
I’ll just wait and see
but I can say I did the dang thing

what an exhilarating experience
to me none of them are meaningless
everything has meaning even the smallest thing
and that’s what it’s all about right

and so I take my leave for now
pen and paper in hand with pride
I bid thee all farewell and goodnight
that hour is upon me now

Spirit in denial #11

here I am waiting alone
in the shadows trying to get through
can they not see me
make a noise surely they’ll hear it

I’m so tired I have no strength
am I invisible to them
even tried touching them a few times
could they not feel it

I am here they know I am
they’ve bumped into me
all they said was it’s cold in here
I’m sure they see me they’re just pretending

someone just said I died a week ago
are they fooling around I’m right here
I’ve got to stop this
they finally heard my bangs

and still no one will talk to me
all they do is laugh and tell stories
I’ll just keep talking and making noises
one day they’ll see I’m alive

Prompt- choose image and write poem #10

the eye is upon me now
everything reverberates in nature, you see
this carved out stone to burrow in
staying safe through the night

night has transcended into day
clouds filled the sky with grace
on the inside looking out
the water poured into the basin outside

the sun starts to glisten upon the eye
bouncing off the clouds and water flowing steadily from above
what a beautiful sight to behold
out of this eye carved in stone

I’m lucky to have found such a unique space
reverberating its grace for me to see
nature is truly a miracle
when you’re inside the eye looking out

Prompt- what are you longing for most right now #9

what am I longing for most right now?
to finish these final four poems
not just finish, but end up with some good ones
I would’ve said great but I’m not at that level yet

I am proud because I was feeling stuck
and getting tired I just wanted sleep so bad
but here I sit trudging along
even when my fiancee wants me to come to bed

nope your libido can wait on me this time
this is something for me
I will finish my poems on time
sorry must throw it in at this point, haha

Prompt- poem involving light #8

lightning bugs, mystical and beautiful
the nights own magical gift
flittering and fluttering all around
lighting your way in the dark

your own piece of tranquility
pitch black with tiny lights flickering about
laying there watching feeling ever so peaceful
how could anything bad touch the world

lightening bugs, glowing and mesmerizing
if only they could stay
but morning comes and they disappear
no fear, the night comes again glowing once more

Pressure, under pressure #7

feels like I’m stuck
but not many to go
the twelve seemed easier than the twenty-four
pressure, under pressure

the process of thought to paper is hard
I love to write
this is exasperating at times
pressure, under pressure

it’s a good learning experience
and I am still enjoying it
I’m hoping what I’ve written is not as bad as I feel it is
pressure, under pressure

Round and round #6

the world turns round and round
never stopping for a moment
moving faster and faster
ever changing and evolving

except one day it all stops
the world has changed
we’ve all been stopped in our tracks
by a virus moving faster and faster
ever changing and evolving

the world turns round and round regardless
never stopping for a moment
moving slower and slower
still ever changing and evolving

Prompt obsolete technology #5

remember bulky wired headphones
my how they have changed
-made you look like
-huge, in the way
-wired, getting tangled with everything
-adapter to work on some things

then, really thin buttt still wired
-really light
-still always getting tangled
-annoying foamy head phone covers

ahhh wireless, now we’re talkin
-recharging box for them wow
-easily lost
-stuff in your ears like cotton

I wonder what they can do from there with headphones
can’t wait to find out or maybe I should be worried.

Why is it happening – #3

I don’t understand it anymore
after I shut my heart off to it
it has been nothing but pain for me in the past
love – why is it happening again?

death took two away from me
why do I question it so much?
it scares me to love like this
but I deserve to love and be loved

I have loved him for many years
pushed him away every time
I’m scared to let it in fully
what if it’s taken away again?

my whole body wants to scream
all of these feelings hit like tidal waves
I still want my piece of happiness
but scared of losing it again

it’s far too late to give it up
we now have a baby girl together
he has asked me to be his wife
love – why is it happening again

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