We Believe – #2

we believe in the good
how it fills us with happiness
refusing to believe in the bad
because it’s overwhelmingly sad

we believe in the caring
how it should be shared with all
refusing to believe in the ugliness
because it’s full of unforgiveness

we believe in the love
how it comes from those around us
refusing to believe in the hurt
because life is just too short

we believe in the world
how it continues to survive
refusing to believe in the end
because we’ll never give up

Moon Love – #1

in the shadowy night
she lingered
swaying nervously
bathed by the moonlight

in the dim room
he pondered
smiling incessantly
bathed by the moonlight

should they even question
these feelings
lingering passionately
under the same moon

she had been here with him
times before
he had been here with her
times before

bathed by the moonlight
she lingered, swaying nervously
he pondered, smiling incessantly
together under the same moon

My Intro 2020

Hi, my name is Tanya and I’m still kinda new to this marathon thing, although I was in the 2017 Poetry Marathon. I did the 24 then but this time will be doing the 12 and will start tonight at 9 pm. I used to write stories and poems all the time but I reached a low in life around 1992 and attempted suicide, I’m so glad I lived because I would’ve missed so much in my life no matter how good or bad; my experiences have taught me so much. I lost a fiancee in 1994 to drowning and then in 1998 I lost another one when he was hit while riding his motocycle. I have kids by both. Anyway I’ve been busy raising my kids and just trying to get back to me. I now have 4 adult kids; a son 25 who is now a stepdad and married, a 23 year old daughter who is a new mom and made me a grandmother, a 22 year old son who is in a new relationship of his own and doing well in his job, and a 19 year old son with autism spectrum disorder. I myself became a new mom at 48 years old and am engaged, my new addition is an 18 month old little girl whom I gave birth to 2 months early on December 17, 2018 through emergency c-section due to a placental abruption she weighed 4lbs 7ozs. She has brought such a light into my life. Thank you for letting me be involved.


Fracturing of the mind
Oh how poetic
Mass of chaos
Blowing in the breeze
Seems like everything is lost
So much pressure to endure
Out of touch with time
Need to break free
Fly away in pieces

#19 Guitarman

Sneaking around them bars
Playing women like your guitar
That smile doesn’t sway me
Those rockin sounds won’t change a thing

Guitarman let it loose
Play so silky smooth
Burnin them strings
Givin it hell on that stage

What happens there, null and void
Ain’t that what you said
Those eyes aren’t piercing enough
That rhythm wont get you anywhere

Guitarman let it loose
Play so silky smooth
Burnin them strings
Givin it hell on that stage

Sit your ass down guitarman
Always playing that’s what you do

#18 Evening Fog

On the twelfth hour
Felt the haze setting in
That dreadful evening fog gaveway
To loss of motivation

Plundering on
Drinking my brew
Evening fog gone
Now a morning haze

On the twenty-second hour
That dreadful evening fog left Perhaps too late

#17 just something comical maybe

Fell on my ass
But the best part
Was standing on glass
Made it look like art

Dropped phone on my face
Not in the usual way
Wrapped it in lace
Made it look like faberge

Melted plastic in my ear
You will laugh for sure
It was Richard Gere
Made it look like couture


How strange
Memories linger
For years
So real it seems
You could touch
But dare not
Memories touch back


Strange musings abound
Inspiration is floundering
Melancholic dreams await
The threshold is near

Hold steady
Breathe in
Breathe out

Tapestry of words
Waiting to be spilled
Vibrant and rich
Amazingly pour out