walking into oblivion
evening is now near
mystery slowly unfolds
children are wandering 
with raincoats ready
crossing into hell
percolating in the heat
steam forming fast
jars start busting
spraying frogs everywhere

Painful Release #13

As the days pass by
I think of you and sigh
The pain you feel is profound
There you are on the ground

You may not want to believe
But I’m not one to deceive
Your silent cries are heard
Without ever uttering a word

As the days pass by
I think of you and sigh
The pain you feel is ascending
There you are on the ending

You may not want to believe
But I’m not one to deceive
Your silent cries are bound
Without ever uttering a sound

Short Mess #12

Head is jumbled
Thoughts rushing in
In the way
Where are you
Come back here

Go away now
There you are
Out of the way
Emotions rushing out
Head is clear

That Swallowtail Jig

There is a calling they say
All the night things must reply
The music of it all shall fill the night
A splendid sound it shall be

A story, a passage if you will
Of a joyous jubilant journey
Which must be fullfilled
This is the way of the night

An old sacred right not to be ignored
The rhythm and waves pour in
The journey becomes complete
As the music and night things become one

My Journey #10 bit late

Began this journey full of angst
A sort of frazzled interpretation at first
Maybe a niche has appeared
It is not the nightmare once thought
But an echo of past delight

Getting lost along the way
It was perhaps tantamount for growth
Constantly falling and evolving
Inspiration for a new beginning
To go forward and beyond impossibility

Surpassing fears that shouldn’t matter
While the ebb and flow commiserate
Swelling with emotions unknown
Waiting for words to meet paper
Here they come what a blissful release

Brown Recluse

What a wicked little beast you are
Scathing glaring glass beady eyes
Slobbering humongous fangs just waiting
Waiting to sink into my flesh
I abhor you and your hairy legs

Yes, I’m scared of spiders
But you, you are a nightmare of epic proportions
I can’t fathom your existence
Whose idea were you anyway, that’s just cruel

And that violin, why just why
Something so elegant on a hideous monstrosity
It is deplorable to think about
Writing about you makes me nauseous
And so I bid thee nasty creature a hasty goodbye


Soft, whimsical breeze on my face
Do not leave the time is not nigh
Feeling refreshed enjoying your comfort
Contemplating how peaceful it is

So free you are, roaming to and fro
Oh to be one with the vast sky
I could just get lost and be free
Nothing to hold me back, just to be


What the hell am i doing
Feel like I’m digging deep
Pulling out words incoherent
Am I just on the surface of idiocy or can I shine
My soul is bursting to pour out

Inside out, outside in
Such a blur of misconception
Come on now bleed it out God this is wretched
All your life you’ve wanted to do this
The chance to ignite happiness, pain, or whatever

For Me!


Set adrift
Where are we going
Somewhere together
Will it take long
It does not matter

Drifting away
But it does matter
How can it matter
What if we get lost

Still drifting
And what if we do
I don’t want to be lost
We aren’t lost if we are here

Drifting away
If we are here
Of course here
With each other
Set adrift

Untitled rough draft

There could have been more
Why did it become such a chore
My soul walked out the door
Strength just crashed to the floor

Do you ever wish for visions
And if you could see, would it change your decisions
So so many unanswered questions
Maybe my life wouldn’t have had so many revisions