Dear Father

Dear Father,
things remain the same as they are
the air that I breathe is yours,
trees planted by you recognize me
or is it they recognize you inside me?

the old fish bears testimony;
I live in the illusion
that you are no more
but in fact you are there
always inside me.

Hour 4


And the Gardener Likes to Drink Tea

And the Gardener Likes to Drink Tea

Eves come no longer to pick up
Sweetness of flowers and fruits
Fondness of streams and dreams
Scent of forest is long gone
Maddening patches of soil in turmoil
Homes and domes are razed

And the gardener likes to drink tea

Rabit and tortoise stopped racing
Jokes enlive Elephant and ant
Peacocks have no plumes to gift
As ladders replace snakes in pits
Head bows to new concrete god
Smoked out lungs crying insane
Run for currency surpasses all
Selfish minds corroding the earth

And the gardener likes to drink tea

Wood will revive the dense
Water will wash the roots
Wind will gather the souls
Let’s own a forest like we own a car
Flowers will bloom again
Eves will return home

And the gardener likes to drink tea


Hour 3


Kunti’s Choice

Kunti’s Choice

Mother Kunti grieves not for her sons

Her own helplessness tightening her soul

She’s sure her son will be among the winners

But she will be the loser

War is never a happy choice for mothers

Whether friends or foes

Hour 1


Once Again Forever

Hello to all Marathoners

This is my third time full marathon and I am all pepped up. See ya at the ground.

Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)

Livin’ on a prayer

To die for, to live for

Isn’t it a question of whom?

We all know we move towards death

Yet we crave for life

The longer the better

It’s a funny equation you see

Guns or roses?

Can we make a difference like this?

Yes, for love we’ll pray

Yes, for peace we’ll pray

We‘ll live on a prayer a day

We’ll live on a prayer a day


Hour 24


Child’s World

Child’s world

  1. The cat calls from friends alert my mind

And off we are to our

Imaginary treasure hunting grounds

Fighting goblins and ghosts on the way

Bickering over sharing pocketed food

Till our limbs move no more


  1. Making castles of sand and clay

And rescuing the princess

Is my favorite

Rushing through danger

Slaying demons and villains

I’m always the unconquered hero


  1. Study is pushed inside the school bag

Till mother’s intent gaze become intolerable

Then excuses…

But severely dealt with

Always feel hungry while reading

And everything becomes normal again


Hour 23


Monsoon Comes

Monsoon comes

Clouds are no longer lonely

As monsoon approaches upon the city walls

Trees opening up their branches over

Eco parks spawning beside lanes

The reconstructed winding wetlands

Look majestic and tall before the high raises

Peacocks coming out to welcome the rains

And praying mantis merrily jigs its tail


Hour 22


Unicorn’s Pride

Unicorn’s pride

The white unicorn waits, suppressing its breath

For its gladiator to rise

Snorting in between to nudge him

Together had they won many a battle

Over plains and valleys, over kings and allies

It knows how strong a heart master has

And this was surely not the end to rattle

It circled around a few times with master on its back

And a fiery look dazzled as they charged for their prey

Yet, one more time their power flashed at the bend


Hour 21


Last Dance

Last dance (Let us go then, you and I; Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot)

Let us go then, you and I,

Where slender legs meet the floor

And you teach me and I teach you

The dance that elves know

Among the chattering crowd

Who passes a hoot or two

The feast is laid before the guests

With two empty seats

Waiting for us since eternity

We can see but cannot touch

As our bodies are long gone

And only our spirits remain

Let us fulfill the one last wish

And dance…

Where no one will watch us further

Our spirits will melt into each other


Hour 20