Even When You’re Lost

Even when you’re lost

The land knows you, even when you are lost

In its veins flows your blood

Your spirit embedded in the trees

The voices in the rarified air trapped

You hear calling out to yourself fair and free

The memories since childhood sealed

The water knows you too, even when you are lost

Liquid senses flow into being

Your feet washed clean off travails

The rivers, ponds, lakes act as hosts

Recording the stories of your travels

You know and are now willing

You are not lost anymore


Hour 14




Hear it out

The green of the day

Becomes chagrin of man

To the degree of degeneration


Hour 13


Three Old Hermits

Three old hermits

Three old hermits, so simple

Arrived on the island

Following a radiant light

Holding hands and running upon the waves

They cried as they reached

And continue to walk on water

(Erasure poem: text taken from Chapter 30, The Law of Miracles, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda)


Hour 12


Dear Former Self

Dear Former Self

The persona you had then was unique

You looked different every day, every week and every moment

The black eyes of yours drilled inside those you saw

The quirky smile was infectious

And your voice filled with confidence

Where are the shoes that carried you with élan?

Where is the song that asked for tender love?

Where is the air around you that gave flight to freedom?

The lost soul today raises its head

Do you have any answers?


Hour 11


The Chill

The chill

Fir tree shakes outside

Giving a damn to the chill

As a hollow chime reverberates from the dock

Moonbeam gleams haughtily

On the coffee table beside the shelf

And the night fog rushes through

With a hush

Damping the concrete canteen wall


Hour 10


The age of innocence

The age of innocence

The doll’s play gives way to bigger games

As blasphemy loses its might

When a young girl and her lover

Declare their vows

To be together forever


Conflicting emotions surround them

As they hold each other’s hands

And watch their age of innocence fly away


Hour 9




Your ghosts versus our ghosts

Crying out each other hoarse

Raising toast to the last drop of wine

And they say Ahoy!

The graveyard’s now ancient

Yet there’s no undergrowth

Like a king’s palace

Of yester years

They cry for the summoner

Ahoy! Resurrection, Ahoy!

The battle lines drawn again

Little sympathies wearing masks

Protruding veins of blood

They carry scythes around their necks

As more time passes

Resurrection nears the half limit

Shouts of Ahoy! Dies down

Your ghosts versus our ghosts

Retreating endless times

They will fight another night

When moons will cry atop the grimes

The graveyard for a generation will stay still


Hour 7


Locked Out

Locked out

Locked out

In my own space

Echoes of my voices rebound

Making tiny holes

In the great soul of mine

From whence escapes

Lithe songs of innocence


Time is oddly spaced

And there’s no way out


Hour 6


Pilgrim’s dream

Pilgrim’s dream

Sleep, you are unvanquishable,
The eternal shadow of a jaded sun;
How long a voyager can you be?
The free fledgling will return to its abode
To refill with hope the unwanted vacation:
You are the Morpheus
The single actor on the stage
The nemesis of youth.
Sleep, you are the undying spirit
The renegade new sun;
How long’ll you restore broken lives?
Your leonid legions unmatched
In this moribund world
For I am the next pilgrim
My disguise unparalleled as you
The timeless traveler of the next world


Hour 5