Pretty as can be, I feel sorry for her.

While the physical seems in tact,

her emotional state is out of whack.

With each man, she bids farewell to another piece of herself.

Never really touching life, just watching from a dusty shelf.

Fed up with each violation,

just not enough to salvage what’s left of her next generation.

I pray she finds a new revelation.

One she can hang her hat on, trust with no questions.

Let sleeping dogs lie, finally learn her lesson.

Realize that who SHE is at the break of wake is by itself, a beautiful blessing.

Rise up!

Break away, and start your shedding.







Staring straight ahead, my eyes struggled to focus.

A woman, counting down, 3,2,1……………………….

On the count of 1, she released grip, on her babies stroller and lost it.

Faster and faster, a nightmarish blur,

Getting closer, tragedy ready to occur,

scrambling for confidence, instead, find myself unsure.

I reach out my arms, ready to try and defer,

My eyes suddenly pop open and I am  relieved to find,

this was all just a nightmare.





Lost and found

Lose yourself in the magic that YOU are.

We all walk the same road, uniquely, and made it thus far.

Without variety, we would be of no use.

Grab a mirror, sit down, to yourself, re-introduce.

24 hours of sanity, or lack there of.

Finding yourself drunk off the madness,

falling with whole heart, yourself, in the purest love.

Wind chimes

Eyes closed,

lucid with the flirting sound off wind chimes.

Climbing our spirit’s lattice,

weaving healing from the inside.

Wind engaged, teasing,

encouraging between the two, a light fandango.

Sweet rhythm’s, each one conduit,

Brings with each melodious note,  new breath rushing through it.

Songs of the angels,

Lullaby our ears.

Bring about joyous resonance,

releasing with its presence, blessed tears.



Dementia’s mind

Locked inside a strangers mind,

they wait.

In search of treasured memories,

they wait.

Speaking to loved ones they no longer recognize,

they wait.

Playing a lone game of seek and find,

they wait.

Scared the second control loses grip,

they wait.

Masking forgotten words with clever tricks,

they wait.

For someone to hold a mirror up,

they wait.

To accept themselves as never to be the same,

they wait.

The answer to the question, why me?

they wait.





Fierce intentions,

misguided by ones love.

Refuse to give sight,

To what has never begun.


Red heels, body balanced above.

Red dress, fits just like a glove.

Red lips, seething with lust.

Red rubies, slipped in the secret of my bust.

Red flag, beckoning.

Red silk sheets, decorate our night, into morning.

The gift

Dear God,

I know its been a while, and I’m sorry for my absence. Life has been anything but easy, so I’m working on some balance.

Tonight I’m asking for one very special thing, although I’ve asked before. The bible says you hear me, but my human nature says I’m being ignored.

Lord, I’m looking for a man, who fears and respects who you are. Capable of knowing when to back down, and the God given wisdom to take charge.

If you could throw in intelligence, wit, and a sense of humor, I would definitely appreciate! You already know who I’m looking for, you are the owner of my fate.

Someone who is strong enough to hold me up, hold me down, and hold me close. He needs to know how to put me in my place, especially when I need it most.

If he is handsome Lord, I will not argue. I am one to appreciate a man’s beauty. Arms strong, hands stronger, and if you have the time could you throw in a nice booty?

Ok Lord, thank you so much for hearing me out. While waiting for my gift, I’ll take this time to get to know “me” and what I’m all about.