When ready, the moon benefits you all.

So that all the moonlight is beautiful,

She confers other benefits at all the gods threatening her.

And then, when you ought to be sacrificing,

you are pouring libations and laughing.

He ought to spend the days of his life, according to the moon.

An erasures
An erasures

Wallflower social club

So I met this chick the other night…..Smoooookin hot!!!

Well, I guess meeting her is an exaggeration,

really I just stood in one spot.

Music was electric,

I starting bobbing my head.

Actually, I thought about doing that,

I decided to get a glass of punch instead.

Oh my god, the chick was staring at me now!

She waved and mouthed the word ” Hi”

Unfortunately I forgot my glasses,

The chick was really pointing down, telling me to button my fly!!






It was the honesty in his voice,

falling in love became of ease….

I had no choice.


Spicy whispers, intoxicate the room.

A sultry aromatic breeze continues to loom.

Candles lit, steamy desires, intense, hotter then any fire.

Silhouette should have been her name, oooohhh what a frame….

Silken skin,

Worn natural with no shame.

Primal intuition yearns to find its freedom.

Hungry to be fed.

Seeking to be indulged by spirits of sweet nectar.

Only to realize the object of your yearning is merely a specter.




Will you?


When will we learn that different is beautiful?

When will we see with our hearts and not our eyes?

When will we read the character of the person with the discernment of our minds?

Will we ever see that peace brings healing and war festers?

Learn that kindness can be contagious even in the smallest of gestures?

Will someone, anyone, stand up, show up, grow up…….GIVE UP……The violence?

Will we stop killing our children?

When will we invest in our children, stop molesting our children?

When will color become the beauty its meant to be and not a distinguishing factor between who is better… or me?

Will we ever see money as paper, and people with value?

Will you?






While strategically placing my lipstick, I caught a glance of the clock. Its 2:29. Damn that brings me back to the times…..

Remember how you would hold my face in your hands when we kissed? Do you remember how I would sing to you or play fight you when I was pissed? I cant believe how much of our dysfunction I miss…..

Or wait, what about the times you would talk in your sleep?  We would laugh forever! When did forever, become never? Were we really that weak?

I know you really remember how you stopped returning my calls. We barely would see one another, you made me feel so small……..

2:30. So glad that minute has passed. While the pain is still real, the healing is vast. A couple swipes of mascara, just enough to define. Grabbing my purse I step out the door, turn and look behind….”To hell with the time 2:29″

He was Anybody

I once knew a man named “Anybody”

He was always hanging around.

Homeless, and weak with exhaustion,

“Anybody” barely made a sound.

His shoes were filled with holes,

Laces shredded by age.

Feet blistered from “Anybody’s” travels,

“Anybody” hadn’t slept in days.

Putrid aroma,

lingered when “Anybody” walked by.

Out of all fault found,

“Anybody” was still kind.

“Anybody” had a secret.

A secret he shared with few.

While judging the misfortunes of others,

Do not forget “Anybody” is YOU!




At all costs

Purge yourself,

Drain the hideous from your soul.

Cradle the holy,

Allow your words to console.

Wring out the fear,

Brought on by the flood.

When your pen runs out of ink,

Refill it with your blood.



Read between the lines

Touch me,

Run your fingers up and down my spine,

No room to be misunderstood,

You must read between the lines.

Wipe away that naughty look!

Although you are in love with me,

Keep in mind, I am only a book!


Loner minus the lonely

Fortunately for her, she was a loner.

Never concerning herself with the midnight luxuries so many chased,

the constant need to remain fast paced, solitude was her place.

What consumed her now was of thicker value.

Tighter knots of wisdom and robust intellect.

Speaking her truth, aiming for the more direct.

Cutting ties with many, only to with herself find more connect.