Naked Soul

The first drop is always the most courageous.

Leaping from the hands of God, a place of perfection,

Falling faster and faster, with the speed of no direction.

Lack of malice, holding no contention,



landing peacefully kissing my forehead, caressing away my tension.

More courageous drops begin to follow,

This brings on a dewy dimension.

Cleansing all of my worries, dissolving my misconceptions,

Beneath my feet,

something has caught my attention.

It is me!

My naked soul’s reflection.




She was the color

In a world of black and white,

she was the color.

By not her vivid beauty,

yet by the smile, through her suffer.

Poised in her position,

authentic in her vision.

Never altered by her ego,

faithful to all her words written.






Hey hey!

As the time nears, I am getting ready for an emotion filled day! I set my alarms, and I am busy collecting writing prompts! This is an awesome idea and I’m excited to be a part of it! Another idea, I will be taking a small video each hour just documenting how I’m feeling with each new hour! Cant wait to read everyone’s work!